Saturday, March 05, 2005

Sgrena Giuliana...A Closer Look

PoliPundit offers an excellent link, The Jawa Report where some terrific questions are raised and suspicians detailed. Lets take a closer look at alleged hostage Sgrena Giuliana her quotes and politics . Much of this comes from her own biography or newspaper columns.

1. Giuliana Sgrena a 56 year old senior reporter for an Italian daily paper Il Manifesto. (Il Manifesto is an exteme left wing publication better known to us layman as "communist")

1a. Il Manifesto” does not believe this and has never believed it. It is an independent newspaper, peace-loving by tradition, and it has always opposed the “preventive wars” of George Bush.

1b.Truly moving is the involvement of the Iraqi people in Giuliana Sgrena's ordeal," writes Il Manifesto's correspondent from Baghdad, Stefano Chiarini. "Suffering daily abuses and violence from occupation forces or their proxies, the Iraqis themselves are subjected to routine hostage-taking by the occupiers. (Recent Il Manifesto quote)

2.Giuliana devotes her time to political issues. During the 1980's she was among the founders of the peace movement: she was one of the speakers during the first mass peace demonstration. She left for Baghdad on the 23rd of January.

3. "Always been a journalist who has struggled for peace".

4.'My Name Is Giuliana Sgrena: I Write for a Newspaper Which Opposed the Sanctions and the War Against Iraq'.

5. I beg you,
put an end to the occupation. I beg the Italian government and the Italian people to put pressure on the government to pull out..."

Please check out the links, you can really peer in the window of this womens soul, it's quite unsettling. She is monumentally left in her politics and a fanatical pascifist. In one article she actuallly praises Saddam Hussein as "Teaching people the benefit of hard work" This blogger feels there is more than a little odaaeer to this entire matter and additional investigation should bring quite a few interesting things to light. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't believe here as far as I could spit.

Anonymous said...

Freepers get it, the DU on the other hand is already saying that the military put a contact out on her, attempted to have her rubbed out so to speak.

Anonymous said...

The "Third Serena".

She has already gone from "...he pushed me down, covering me with his body, then went limp..." to "...he died in my arms..."

Keep watching for more revisionism, as she "remembers" more, and "more clearly" as the days go by.

Anonymous said...

So, you're insinuating that she deserved to be shot at and the Italian Agent protecting her deserved to be killed?

Please be frank - your coalition partners the Italians would really like to know.

traderrob said...

Speaking only for myself, I mean to insinuate nothing. I do mean to state clearly that her passionate agenda causes one to question her motives and therefor the veracity of her story.