Thursday, March 17, 2005

Group Sues U. Of Illinois Over Indian Mascot

Ever notice that the only people that care about this are the pseudo intellectual hyper- politically correct latte crowd and people who stand to "gain" from the controversy (ie. The Illinois Native American Bar Association)?

"The use of this mascot is outrageous, it's been going on way too long and it should come to an end," said Kim Edward Cook, association president. "We've tried for a long time to work with the Board of Trustees with the University of Illinois and we haven't been able to get them to recognize that the use of the Chief Illiniwek is a racial stereotype and is damaging to all Native Americans."

When the American Indians are asked, they are completely OK with, even proud of this type of reference to their culture. BTW notice I did not use the politically correct "Native American" because the majority concerned prefer to be called American Indians.

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