Monday, February 28, 2005

Tiananmen Square in Beirut?

Not according to a report by Jim Geraghty at NRO.

The announcement of the government’s resignation came after a day of protests in
Martyr’s Square, a few blocks from parliament. The protesters danced to
patriotic songs, waved hundreds of Lebanese flags, and handed out red roses to
the hundreds of soldiers and police around them.
“You can tell from the looks in the soldiers’ eyes, and from their smiles,
their true stand,” said Hamadeh, who was in the square before going to
parliament. Hamadeh himself was the target of a bomb attack in October that
killed his driver.

The crucial element for any uprising to be successful is the backing, or at least the aquiescence of the military. Appears the people of Lebanon have it.

Fox: Entire Lebanese Govt. Resigns

People rising up demanding Syrian withdrawal, nuff said.

ABCs, 123s and Karl Marx

Excellent article by the Wash Times illustrating how the public schools are subtly indoctrinating our kids with socialist ideologies:

If this seems a radical assertion, I assure you it is not. In fact, examples
abound indicating its accuracy.

Take the "community box," for instance. How many elementary school kids across the country show up the first day of school, only to have their brand-new supplies pilfered by their teacher and thrown into one big box, to be distributed henceforth as said teacher sees fit? (Karl Marx also had very little regard for private property rights.")

Or how about "cooperative learning" methods of instruction? I use quotation marks to point out how impossible it usually is to get kids to cooperate or learn when they sit in groups a pencil length from their neighbors. But if a teacher is blessed with darling little angels who would never think of misbehaving, students who have "more" knowledge are regularly expected to help those with "less." (How's that saying go again? "From each according to his ability.")

Ever heard of social promotion? This egalitarian concept is standard procedure at most public schools, where students are promoted from one grade to the next regardless of academic aptitude. It practically takes an act of Congress to retain failing students these days, lest we give them the impression they are responsible for their accomplishments.

We are a capitalist society. There are inequalites in this system because there are inequalities in men. These inherent inequalites in talent, ability, intelligence and motivation are what drives the system and what makes it function.

People with strong innate abilites have a relatively easier time succeeding, but our system gives everyone an equal shot. There are countless examples of people with less ability achieving more than people with greater ability due to sheer determination and will. That is the strenght of our system, It literally forces you to excell.

We are not doing our kids any favors by foolishly attempting to level the playing field at a young age. It's not level, it will never be level under this system or any other. The sooner our children learn what they need to do with the tools God has given them, the better chance they have to succeed in life.

Weak kids make weak adults. Stress the abilities that they have, and teach them to compensate for inadequacies in one area with their natural strengths in others. To do anything less is to promote "the big lie."

Chris Doesn't Rock

Last nights hosting of the Academy Awards by Chris Rock was anything but memorable according to practically everybody accept Good Morning America, who no one listens to anyway. I would hate to say "I told you so" because gloating is so egocentric and juvenile.

He said @$$ a lot. Otherwise his overly hyped hosting stint was woefully
undistinguished. You could even tell from the audience reaction that he was
Their laughter at the outset shortly gave way to polite applause--a
sure sign the comedian was not putting it across, even if he was straining to do
It's not rocket science. The choice of Chris Rock as host just didn't make any sense on it's face; Kinda like having Jeff Foxworthy hosting Cannes. So I won't say it.....I said I wouldn't, so I won't.


Sunday, February 27, 2005

Democrats Switching Parties.....Again

An excellent observation by AnkleBitingPundits alerts us to the increasingly frequent phenomenon of Democrats becoming Republicans.....again.

During the Clinton presidency something like 450 Democrat elected officials
evacuated the Democrat party and never looked back. From US Senators to local
officials, long time Democrats just felt the party no longer represented them.
Two weeks into Howard Dean's chairmanship of the Democratic national
Committee, the scenario is beginning to replay itself

George Kelley of Maryland is the latest convert. He is good friends with Lt. Governor Michael Steele, who was incensed at the demeaning remarks Dean made concerning minorites two weeks ago. Oh, and BTW, Kelley is a lifelong Democrat and a black man.

Those of you who have been with me for awhile know that I have sensed for some time now a slow but perceptible shift in the politics of the black community toward the Republican party. Here is just another example of that suspician.


According to Bill Kristol on Fox 4 0ut of 10 Democrats will watch the Oscars tonight, only 1 in 8 Republicans will.......Interesting

CU Faculty Circle The Wagons

In support of Ward (Cleaver) Churchill the faculty of CU is taking out a full page ad in The Boulder Daily Camera callng for the the school to drop the inquiry into his writings.

It says the review of the ethnic studies professor expected to be concluded by
the middle of March, should be stopped immediately. The ad says the inquiry is
the result of political pressure and not based on "any prior formal complaint of
of specific professional or academic misconduct on his part."
The faculty must be too busy working on next day lesson propaganda to read the papers. Churchill lied about his Indian heritage on his resume, a heritage which was instumental in securing his position at the University. In addition, he has written bogus essays using fraudulent references to support his untenable positions, aka academic fraud. Documented cases of assaultive behavior have also been uncovered.

Any of these infractions alone would be considered very serious, but collectively they are unquestionably grounds for immediate dismissal. As much as the CU faculty would like you to believe it, academia and tenure do not insulate a person from all consequence. Churchill has betrayed all things that serious educators supposedly hold dear yet they defend him. This behavior betrays their true concerns, these being aggressively protecting tenured faculty from any and all inquiry and scrutiny regardless of the cause.

Update: Now documented allegations of plagiarism

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Jack Vilenti the Enabler

Scarborough Country Friday evening with Jack Vilenti and Laura Ingraham sparring over Hollwoods recent offerings was a tutorial of spin and diversion.

Vilenti is a highly educated and well spoken man but straight forward honesty is not one of his strong suits. Ingraham astutely makes the point that Hollywood could make a lot more money if they would just quit trying to force feed liberal ideals and values to "Red State America"

First, Vilenti fails to even accept that Hollywood is dominated by liberals let alone that it permeates most of their work. Either he is the most naive man that ever lived or he's a liar. His reponses to Ingraham were nothing more than polished rhetoric and a platitudes. It's not all about entertainment as he would have you believe. It's all about entertainment with a socio/political message, oftentimes a message that intrudes and at times, even detroys the story. Would not Million Dollar Baby have been more effective if you had been left hanging as to the fate of the young boxer? Leave it open and let the imagination and conscience of the audience ponder right and wrong rather than assault them with the self righteous moral dicates of the director.

Movies from days past were masterful at this technique of veiled message. Today, however, the moral and ethical view is not veiled, even thinly, but, is rather, shamelessly highlighted in either over obvious plot exploitation or script manipulation. Invariably the message that bangs you over the head is a liberal one.

The first step to overcoming an addiction is admitting that you have a problem.
Hollywood currently has an addiction to liberal secularism and moral relativism and are mainlining this view into much of what they produce. Vilenti and the overwhelming majority of Hollwood that he speaks for will continue to self indulge as long as they refuse to acknowledge "their problem".

Egypt's Mubarak Orders Election Changes

Amazing is the word for the ripple effect that Iraq's election has had throughout the Middle East; PA, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and now Egypt.
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Saturday ordered a revision of the country's
election laws and said multiple candidated could run in the nations presidential
elections, a scenario Mubarak hasn't faced since taking power in 1981.
These leaders are being pressured by more than a token number of their people into making democratic reforms. Iraq's election had a greater effect in a shorter period of time than almost anyone, including GW, could have imagined.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Two Can Play at This Game

An Alabama judge has told the Yale Law School that he will no longer accept applications for law clerks from that institution.
The school and U.S. Dept of Defense have been embroiled in a legal fight over
the issue, with the school this month announcing that it would return to it's
nondiscriminatory recruiting policy, that will, in effect, limit access to
military recruiters who deny enlistment to homosexuals.
In other words if you insist on broadcasting your gay lifestyle to anyone that will listen, you are violating the militaries "don't ask, don't tell" policy and therefor are prohibited from joining up. Yale doesn't like this policy, so they are barring on campus recruitment.
Judge William Acker doesn't like Yales policy and is therefor barring Yale law clerk applicants from participating. Although I am not thrilled with either move, I can certainly understand Ackers response. This kind of chicken sh!^ Yale is pulling goes on all the time virtually unchallenged. It's about time there were consequences for such politically correct nonsense.

French Jobless Rate Hits 10%

Here's what an economy based on a mandated 35 hour work week, complete cradle to grave governmental protectionism and economic egalitarianism looks like.
Insee, France's national statistics institute, said unemployment edged to to 10%
in January after five months at 9.9% as the number of people out of work rose to
2.72 million from 2.69 million.
With many of the worlds economies( including the US) experiencing robust growth, You might think the French would consider re-evaluating their economic stance.....NAAAWW

No Swann Song Here

Former Steeler great Lynn Swann is organizing a a campaign committee for the purpose of raising funds for a run for governor in 2006.

"I'm considering running for governor of Pennsylvania," Swann told a cheering
Republican audience Thursday night in Westmoreland county near Pittsburgh, "it
was one of the reasons I accepted the invitation to come out and speak to you
this eveningn not so much for you to listen to me, but for me to hear you."
If he's half the candidate that he was wide receiver, goodbye Ed Rendel, hello governor Swann.

BTW...He didn't play at Lambert field either.

Clinton Fundraising Coming Home To Roost

In a New York Sun article, Aaron Tonken reveals irregularities and illegalities concerning the fundraising activities of Hillary Clintons 2000 Senate campaign.
While Mr Rosen, the finance chief pleaded not guilty to the charges, Tonken said
the allegations of gross misreporting of fund raising expenses by Mrs. Clinton
campaign are true, and knowledge of the practice was not limited to Mr. Rosen.
"Everyone around her new their was a crime in what was going on", Tonken
said. He said Mr Rosen repeatedly instructed him to lose or get rid of invoices
for expenses related to August 2000 fund raiser....[snip]
Tonken is a lower level operative with a questionable past, however this could spell trouble for the Hildebeast. The FBI feels that at least a portion of what he says is true and are no doubt working to get corroboration from now indicted David Rosen. Rosen is the chief fundraiser for Clintons 2000 campaign, and without doubt, knows where all the bodies are buried. If they can squeeze this guy hard enough, who knows what will come out.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bush Gets First Warm European Reception in Slovakia

These people remember all too clearly what it's like to live under a brutal communist dictatorship. They truly understand what Bush is doing and why he is doing it.
The contrast could not have been greater between Germany, where Bush's visit
drew 12,000 protesters Wednesday, and Slovakia, where a crowd of about 4000
braved blowing snows to cheer and applaud during an open air speech.
Since they obviously don't remember, one could only hope that France, Germany etc. could experience a decade or two of brutal totalitarian rule to get their minds right.

Court:Garbage is Private in Meth Case

Perhaps you great legal minds in the blogospere can explain this one to me. How on Gods good green earth can a court rule that a persons garbage be protected. Ever since I saw the movie "The Star Chamber" with Michael Douglas and Hal Holbrook I have wondered how such a position could be rationalized. After all, would any clear thinking person actually have a reasonable expectation of privacy concerning their garbage?
At the the request of sheriff's detective David Knechtel, a city garbage collector
took Sweeny's can from the curb as usual but dumped it into an empty hopper so
Knechtel could go through it a few blocks away. Knechtel found chemicals and
other materials used in meth making and cited his findings in obtaining a
warrant to search Sweeny's house.
If it was in a garage or storage building it would be understandable, but it was in a can in plain site and exposed to anyone and everyone. Would you have an equal expectation of privacy standing nude at your curb as you would say, in your bathroom? Would a person be arrested simply for watching you standing nude at your curb as they certainly would for peering through your bathroom window? That's what this ruling would seem to suggest. Also, would the garbage no longer be considered "yours" , but rather, the city's. Once the garbageman assumed possession of the garbage have you not tacitly relinquished all rights connected with said garbage. To think otherwise seems to be quite a feat of tortured logic to me.

DCF Enters Schiavo Case

In what can only be termed as "brilliant", Jeb Bush has at least temporaily stymied the Florida courts from putting Terri Schiavo to death.

The Department of Children and Families investigated a way to intervene in the
case on Wednesday just hours after Bush told reporters in a news conference that
he would do everything legally possible to help Terri's parents prevent her
estranged husband from starving her to death.
The DCF is part of the executive branch of government in Florida, and Jeb Bush is the Chief executive. It will take time for the DCF to investigate possible abuse and any connection it may have to Terri's present condition.

This is a gut wrenching case that is not easily understood. My personal opinion, when in doubt, opt for life. There is an abundance of "doubt" in this situation. She is not brain dead, she reacts to stimuli, albeit intermittently, and she has a loving family to take care of her. Let's just pray that whichever way this thing goes, it's what Terri would have wanted.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bloggers vs MSM and Accountability

The primary argument by critics and many in the MSM that blogs are dangerous because of their "limited fact checking" and "lack of accountabilty" is, at best, specious.

Literally hundreds of thousands of bloggers (Dirty Harry's sea crabs) each and every day log on to the net reading the days news, evaluating and scrutinizing it through the varying prisms of diverse interpretation. These are, for the most part educated people, professionals who, if not for a different career calling could very well be working for CBS, CNN or the NYT. Rather than just a few "fact checkers" we have literally thousands who minutely fillet each news item layer by layer uncovering every conceivable detail and angle.

Every assertion by one blogger is systematically challenged by the next one up the food chain untill it is so thoroughly "vetted" that the liklihood of of inaccuracy is virtually nil. With the MSM, entrenched prevailing political ideologies as well as sensationalism drive momentum, whereas the blogospere is inherently adversarial. Two opposing behemeths banging heads to dissect each and every story, circumventing no one and exposing everything.

Critics of the blogosphere have the erroneous belief that "all blogs are comparably equivilent". This shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how the alternative media functions. They fail to realize that a blog hierarchy exists, such that the weight given to say, Opinipundit is vastly less than a Polipundit or Michelle Malkin. At low levels stories are usually nothing more than speculative scuttlebutt, however, by the time they reach the top of the food chain, they are every bit as bonafide and legitimate as anything offered up by the MSM.

There are stories everyday that in all liklihood would never be covered by the MSM if it wasn't for the driving force of the blosphere. Does anyone seriously believe that the Eason Jordan story would have ever seen the light of day absent the bloggers. Very little escapes under the radar due to the sheer number of participants and the intensity of their comittment.

The self serving commentary from the MSM and it's allies is motivated by both fear and a basic misunderstanding fostered by arrogance. We are not only their conscience but their competition and as their competition it's most definately in their best interest to delegitimize our endeavors.
For most, blogging is not a career or livlihood, however it is for MSM and as with anyone protecting their job, they will do everything in their power to protect it.

The Myth of Greenhouse Gases

Since you won't ever hear this from the MSM.

Some 19000 of the worlds
and experts on climatology have signed declarations saying that
blaming rising CO2 levels on mankind is garbage-junk science at it's worst-and
they insist that all the available evidence proves their contention.
comes Robert W. Felix in his book "Not by Fire But by Ice" argues persuasively
that it is not global warming but ocean warming that is pushing CO2 levels
through the roof. Moreover, those skyrocketing levels of CO2 are bringing on a
new ice age, which is sitting at our front door right now.
According to
Felix, the oceans are warming as a result of widespread underwater volcanic
activity which he thoroughly documents. He adds We've forgotten that this isn't
the first time our seas have warmed. Sea temperatures also shot upwards 10 -18
deg. F just prior to the last ice age. [snip] And he warns the same thing is
happening today.
Who new that 19,000 scientists worldwide consider man-made global warming a canard? One of the best kept secrets going.

Elections Prompt Iraq Insurgents To Question Fight

In this 16 month long game of chicken in Iraq between the terrorists and the US military, the terrorists just blinked.

Some insurents are contacting the US military and the Iraqi transition govt.
about giving up the fight in light of the January 30th elections, the Pentagon
said yesterday.
The combination of adverse popular sentiment, relentless pressure from the US forces and a ever tightening supply of arms and ammunition is seriously damaging their will to fight .

In a positive development he said (Gen Richard Myers), the price of ammunition
is going up on the black market. "Supply is getting tighter", he said.

It's a war of attrition, and we are winning.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Brit Hume Must Resign

And now for our latest installment of moonbats on parade, Oliver Willis demands Brit Hume resign over his comments concerning FDRs statements on Social Security savings accounts. Even if Brit did misinterpret what FDR said, it's hardly an offense worthy of dismissal, but as it turns out, he did not.

Hume: in a written statement to Congress in 1935 Roosevelt said that "any social security plans should include, quote: voluntary contributory annuites, by which individual initiative can increase the annual amounts received in old age adding that the "government funding ought to
be ultimately be supplanted by self- supporting annuity plans."
hmmmm, sounds like he's behind them to me.

Willis' rationalization: But Roosevelt was not advocating that the present system of guaranteed Social Security benefits"ought to be supplanted by self supporting annuity plans," Rather he was proposing that madatory contributions and voluntary innuities would eventually eliminate the need for an additional fund which was established to provide pension benefits for Americans who were already too old in 1935 to contribute payroll taxes to the SS sysytem.
Speculation on Willis' part, and incoherent speculation at that.

FDR quote: In the important field of security for for old people, it seems neccessary to adopt 3 principles First, noncontributory old age pensions for those who are now too old to build to build up their own insurance; it is , of course clear that perhaps thirty years to come funds will have to be provided by the states and the federal government to meet these pensions. Second, compulsory contributory annuities which in time will provide a self supporting system for those now young and for future generations. Third, voluntary contributory annuities by which individual initiative can increase the annual amounts received in old age. It is proposed that the federal government assume one-half the cost of the old age pension plan, which ought ultimately be supplanted by self supporting annuity plans
It appears clear that FDR is referring to both now (1935) pensions, and in the future concerning private annuities.

He further tries to bolster his argument with a quote from FDRs grandson: "The implication that FDR would support the privatization of Americas greatest national program is an attempt to deceive the American people and an outrage"

Well, you know the old adage about "the idiot son", it must also hold true for grandsons. Why in the world would anyone think that a 3rd generation relative would have any clue what their grandfather truly meant. Puhleeeaze.... I was very close to my grandfather and couldn't tell you what his favorite food was let alone the intricacies of his political theory.

Read the entire article, this guys speculative and self contadictory throughout. Maybe he's the one who should resign.

Done Deal

Ahmad Chalabi has withdrawn his name for consideration as Prime Minister of Iraqi thereby cinching the appointment of Ibrahim al-Jafaari as Iraqs new PM.

Contrary to the opinions of Robin Wright and a host of left wing doomspewers, Jaafari does not have an allegiance to Iran, he is secular, and, by most accounts, moderate in his thinking.

Partial Recounts a Totally Bad Idea

In this mornings Chicago Sun Times, an article by Jesse Jackson
actually makes sense! I immediately looked out the window but was amazed to see
no flying pigs and the weather report said nothing about hell freezing
over...... curious for sure.

Sometimes a decision made in the heat of a partisan battle has reverberations
for years to come. One such decision was the one of Al Gores campaign to
selectively challenge the results of the 2000 election in Fla. by demanding a hand count of votes cast in 3 counties--Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach.

A selective recount, of the sort sought in Florida, has made Gregorie governor,
at least temporarily. but is has cast a pall of illegitimacy over her far
greater than that cast over George Bush by the Florida result.

Well there you have it. A well reasoned, clear minded analysis of the problems created for the Democrats in the Florida and Washington recounts.
I guess it's true; Even a blind sow can find an acorn once in a while.

**An alert reader pointed out that has the skinny on this. Turns out this article was posted under the wrong byline and was written by Michael Barone and not Jesse Jackson. No wonder there were no flying pigs!

Let PBS Go

"The public broadcasting service is collapsing of it's own weight. While PBS executives and Washington politicians wring their hands over the networks inevitable demise, we believe there is a simple solution. Let it collapse."(snip)

"In a world in which 85% of Amercicans pay for either cable or satellite television, and with educational videos available in shopping malls and Wallmarts nationwide, what possible justification can there be for a publicly subsidized television network."(snip)

"Simply put, PBS has no mission that cannot be realized either the in for- profit sector or by converting the network to a private non-profit foundation."

Not much to add to this, the article nails it. We could save a quarter of a billion taxpayer dollars per year. Let the voices of Bill Moyers, Terry Gross and Dianne Rehm see if they can draw an audience in the open market.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Quote of the Day

Chris Mathews: "I'm more conservative than people think."

No, actually.........He's more liberal than he's willing to acknowledge.

Happy Presidents Day George

In honor of George Washingtons birthday, a few of his noteworthy quotes:

"Guard against the imposters of pretended patriotism."

"If we desire to insult, we must be prepared to repel it; If we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must be known, that we are at all times ready for war."

"Liberty when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth"

"The best and only safe road to honor, glory and true dignity is justice"

Beirut Sees Anti-Syria Protest

Am I sensing a subtle change of sentiment in the Mideast? Are the people their feeing just a tad
bit empowered?

Several thousand Lebanese have gathered at the scene of last weeks killing
of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri in Beirut to demand a Syrian pullout
and international probe into the assassination.

Amazing what a little taste of Democracy will do. The wonderful thing about Liberty, once it starts, the harder they fight it, the more it grows

Syria Says It Will Withdraw Troops from Lebanon

We know what they say, let's keep our fingers crossed on what they do.

Soldier Stunned by Kids Letters

The left has long been aware of the importance of indoctrinating the young. It appears as though they are moving this agenda forward.
An American soldier overseas is fuming over letters he received from
Brooklyn middle-school children accusing GIs of destroying mosques and
civilians in Iraq.

Whether it be Linda Ellerbee on Nick, PBS and their message cartoons or the daily deluge of propaganda they get from their "teachers", kids nowadays are getting a brainful of liberal flotsam.

Pfc. Rob Jacobs of New Jersey said he was initially ecstatic to get a
package of letters from sixth graders at JHS 51 in Park Slope last
month at
his base 10 miles from the North Korea border.
That changed
when he open the envelope and found missives strewn with politically charged
rhetoric, vicious accusations and demoralizing predictions that only a handful
of soldiers would leave the Iraq war alive.

They are taking those sweet young naive kids and twisting them into some sort of a warped liberal "Children of the Corn". State sponsored indoctrination from kindergarten on, has been practiced most notably by communist regimes of past and present with some success. The left is keenly aware of this.

Remember, as a parent you are the only person that has a greater influence on your kids than these propagandists. Use your God given authority to set the record straight with your young ones. Take them aside, find out what disinformation they are getting and tell them the way it really is.
We are fighting for the hearts and minds of the future. They are counting on your apathy, do you really want your kids to grow up with the beliefs and values of a stranger? I know I'm ranting, but this sort of thing makes my blood boil!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Russia Says Ukraine, Georgia are Sovereign

In some welcome news from an area we haven't seen much lately, Russia acknowledged that both Ukraine and Georgia , are no longer part of the Russian orbit.

....the Russian foreign minister said in an interview broadcast Sunday, that
Moscow views the two former republics "as absolutely sovereign", absolutely
equal states in the new geopolitical architecture

This may be a pre-Bush visit olive branch by Putin, but whatever the reason. the news is encouraging.

Iraq Withdrawal Date Would be a Mistake-Sen. Clinton

Hillary Clinton is moving to the center so fast it's making me woozy. Buckle up, this is only the beginning.

Setting a timetable for withdrawal for the US troops in Iraq would offer a
"green light" to the insurgency there and could undermine the fledgling Iraqi
government, U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton said on Sunday.
She was taught by the master of expediency and triangultion and has learned those lessons well. Compared to Reid, Kennedy and Pelosi she's already coming off as a level headed clear thinking moderate.

Last month, Senate Democrat leader Harry Reid of Nevada said President Bush
needed to spell out "an exit strategy" for Iraq, while Democrat Senator Edward
Kennedy of Massachusetts said the United States should aim to pull out all
troops as early as next year.
Beware the Hildebeast in sheeps clothing!

Paper: Bush Tapes Show Early Strategies

The left is salivating over these tapes of private conversations between George W. Bush and "friend "Doug Wead. From what's being offered to date, they better stick with the conspiracy theories for their adrenaline rush.

Bush also criticizes then Vice-President Al Gore for admitting marjuana use and
explains why he would not do the same.
"I wouldn't answer the marijuana
questions" he said according to the Times. you know why? Because I don't want
some little kid doing what I tried"

On one tape, Bush explains that he
had told one prominent evangelical that he could not kick gays because "I am a
sinner. How can I differentiate sin."

Wow, what a miserable scoundrel this guy is. Keeping something to himself so not to encourage children to make his mistake and not casting the first stone because he himself is a sinner and shall not judge.

Is it possible we actually have a President that walks the walk. A President that expresses the same values and ethics in private that he promotes in the public forum. A president that has core beliefs and lives by them.

You know, a President who actually has a Soul.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Kos Has a Real Wiener

According to Little Green Footballs, the Daily Kos has outdone themselves with the latest Rove, Gannon conspiracy. Put your tin foil hats on boys and girls and travel with me down a road of corruption, greed, and political intrigue

Ssshhh, cmere, if you look close it's this old story with a twist of Gannon.

Crazy Uncle Charlie?

Charlie Rangel is known far and wide for saying outrageous things, it's become sort of his trademark. When he does , we usually treat him deferentially, like an elderly uncle who's not all there, and politely move on to other subjects. But occasionally he offers up something so over the top that we just have to address it.

On Meet the Press last Sunday Charley Rangel stated "Americans don't want their children to die for other peoples freedom."

Excercising their hubris Rangel, as most Democrats, love to speak as the singular unified voice of America. It's always self serving, but this time his assertion is really ludicrous. We fought for the freedoms of the South Korea, France, Belgium, Kuwait and Afghanistan just to name a few. Last century, the US fought for the freedom of others far more than for the defence of our own. Now after a century of glorious generosity King Charles decrees: no more, we shall not fight for the Liberty of others, I speak for the American people.

Rangel doesn't choose to acknowledge that the American people have already made their feelings known on this subject. The majority of the Americans on Nov 2nd said we will continue our long tradition of protecting the oppressed and battling for their liberty, for the cause is just and the ideal noble.

Charlie, when making ridiculous statements, speak for yourself.

Castro Blasts US - Led War In Iraq

If that headline doesn't tell you we are doing the right thing...nothing will.

In comments televised Friday from a speech two days earlier, Castro said
the billions of dollars being spent in Iraq "won't cure Aids, wont cure any
disease, won't cure anybody."

We all know historically what a humanitarian, philanthropist and Aids activist Uncle Fidel has been, don't we. Now that Cuba is on the UN's human rights panel it appears his concerns for world suffering and welfare have been invigorated, or maybe just his chutzpah.

Castro advised those who accuse Cuba of human rights violations to focus on
their own problems.
Guess he means all those people that aren't on the UN human rights panel, but he is, so, neeener neeener neeeeeener.

DU poster proudbluestater seems to agree, saying: "The older I get, the more sense he makes"

pbs might seriously consider being tested for possible early onset Alzheimer's.

Al Franken's Fit of Vapors

Al Franken was a bit surprised to find that his interview with Michael Medved would include a debate with SwiftVet John O'neill. The encounter was priceless. You can find the particulars complete with pictures here

Friday, February 18, 2005

Rove - Gannon Connection?

Here's I nice little CBS offering of pure speculation:

"But Roves dominance of White house and Republican politics, Gannons aggressively partisan work and the ease in which he got day passes for the White House press room the past two years make it hard to believe that he wasn't at least implicitly sanctioned by the boy genius ."

Maybe hard to believe for you Ms Lynch. Let's look at her self described background, shall we.

Dotty Lynch: "From 1972 untill 1985 I worked in politics as a pollster for
Democratic candidates and liberal causes. Most notably presidential
contenders George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy and Gary Hart were
simpatico with my liberal values and I felt somewhat fulfilled in working
through them to build a better society. I had become a very ardent

Appears as though she is every bit as dominant in politics (Democrat) as Rove albeit not as successfull and every bit as aggressively partisan as Gannon. One might surmise that she is presently working through CBS to continue her efforts to build a better society. Ms Lynch is the Senior Political Editor for CBS News.

Olbermann vs. Gannon/Guckert etc.

I find the recent preoccupation of Keith Olbermann with the Jeff Gannon story humorous. The man struggles to match the ratings of Gilligan's Island reruns yet jumps on a story that is a bonafide dog complete with fleas. Not even a tempest in a teapot, more like a tempest in a thimble. Is it possible that his leftist ideological loyalities are trumping his better judgement? Is DU calling the shots as apparently they did for a 3 week stint during the Ohio recount?

Particularly amusing is his sniping of Gannon concerning his Journalistic credentials. A bit of the pot calling the kettle black being that Olber'n (as Dirty Harry would have it) boasts the rather modest journalistic background of a failed sportscaster. I have read a few articles by Gannon and a though a critic I am not, found them to be quite up to standard. The online escort thing is just silly and even if true wouldn't preclude him from being...well, President

It is bad enough that someone let in a guy with no media experience, an
alias, and background as an online- escort

In the context of
time-remember, Gannons status as shill began 3 weeks
before the bombing
commenced in Iraq

"Status as shill" could just as easily be applied to Helen Thomas, although she was better at it.
Maybe if Olbermann would quit bottomfeeding for the glorious mega-story that would both damage the right and create a huge ratings boost and concentrate on producing solid entertaining reports, he could extract his ratings from the toilet.

Kerry on Meet the Press

Well it's going on three weeks since John Kerry was on Meet The Press and said:

Russert: Would you sign form 180?

Kerry: But everything, Tim....

Russert: Would you sign form 180?

Kerry: Yes, I will. But everything we put in it, Tim--everything we put in--I mean, everything that was out was a full documentation of all the medical records, all of the fitness reports.

Glad I'm not holding my breath

Maher: Christians Have a Neurological Disorder

IMHO: Bill Maher is often quite entertaining. Too bad there are times he can be quite the insufferable jacka$$

The Party of "NO" Ideas

Have you noticed after this last election how seemingly desperate and irrational the left have become. Breaking the rules of protest and debate have always been a hallmark of left wing fringe organizations, but lately it has been creeping into the the more mainstream elements of the party. From Reids tacit rejection of Bush's social security reform (before word one of the proposal was presented) to Kennedy's incoherent call for a Iraqi withdrawal one week prior to the election, to Deans "I hate Republicans" speech. The vitriol and rage from the left has been palpable.

One must assume that the loss of the house in 94 and the sound trouncing the Democrats have taken in the last three elections have taken their psychological toll. Rather than spend every waking hour attempting to construct and refine ideas that will appeal to the American people, they have chosen rather, to rant, rale, obstruct, and obfuscate. There are examples every day illustrating how high ranking Democrats are stating positions that are in direct opposition to statements they made just a year or so ago. One cannot win a debate with oneself. These are the actions of a bewildered party that has become intellectually vacuous.

It's almost as if the left feel they cannot afford to take any affirmative position because that could potentially cost them votes. The Democrat party for the last 20 years or so has become a tenuous agglomeration of varied and diverse special interest groups. They have managed, barely, to keep these cohesive. But when you have a 1000 different and divergent constituencies, it is difficult to keep everybody happy. So rather than promote ideas and develop initiatives, they choose only to offer a choreographed but shrill chorus of opposition.

Everday you see more evidence of the rage and frustration that has permeated the grass roots. Richard Pearle got a shoe thrown at him at his debate with Dean. A debate BTW that Dean at first insisted be absent media. The screaming protestors in the House and Senate chambers when the electoral college met. The scores of news reports about disenchanted lefties seeking asylum in Canada. These are the actions of a disparate and desperate group bereft of ideas.

The party of NO is accurate. No joy, No hope, No vision, No success

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Quotes from 11 Year Olds

In honor of Art Linkletters appearance on Hannity & Colmes tonight it's appropriate to post a few "Kids Say the Darndest Things" knock offs. 11 year olds Science exam answers.

1. When you breath you inspire, when you don't breath you expire.
2. To collect fumes of sulfur, hold a deacon over a flame in a test tube
3. Water is composed of two gins, oxygin & hydrogin. Oxygin is pure gin, hydrogin is gin and
4. Artificial insemination is when the farmer does it to the cow instead of the bull.
5.The pistol of a flower is it's only protection against insects.
6. The alimentary canal is located in the northern part of Indiana.
7. A fossil is an extinct animal. The older it is the more extinct it is.
8. Equator: A menagerie lion running around the earth through Africa
9. Liter: A nest of young puppies
10. Germinate: To become a naturalized German.
11. Magnet: Something you find crawling over a dead cat.
12. Vacuum: A large, empty space where the pope lives.
13. To remove dust from the eye, pull the eye down over the nose.
14.For a nosebleed: Put the nose much lower than the body until the heart stops.
15.To prevent contraception: wear a condominium.
16.The tides are a fight between the earth and the moon., all water tends toward the moon,
because there is no water in the moon, and nature abhors a vacuum. I forget where the sun
joins in this fight.
It's getting late, and I must be getting punchy cuz these are cracking me up

Beware of the Blogs

For the first time in their existence the MSM has two ominous things to contend with, competition from an alternative news source and intense scrutiny of their own reporting and it scares the bejeezus out of them.

"The danger in blogging is that there isn't that level of checking", said
John Russial, associate professor in the University of Oregon School of
Journalism and Communication. "Information can get out there and it
can spread like wildfire, when in fact it might not be true."

You mean like CBS and the Texas Air National Guard Story?

Layton advises using the blogs as educational tools, and as with anything
on the internet, he said the mantra that teachers must drive home is "consider
the source"

You would like that wouldn't you John. Well you saying it ain't going to make it so. Why do you think so many people have switched to getting their news from the internet John, they have considered the source and found it to be deficient. This guy should be teaching patronizing 101

you can do damage if your information isn't accurate", Russial said, "there is a
responsibility to be accurate."

You mean like the NYT looted weapons cache story John?

Expect a lot more of this sort of cowpie criticism from both the MSM and academia. Bloggers are an affront to both their legitimacy and relevance. Blogs are goring some serious oxes folks and they are going to do everything possible to delegitimize those efforts.

It's All Bush's Fault!

More news on the economy that is likely to send the left straight for the Kool-Aid

The number of Americans claiming initial jobless benefits fell unexpectedly
2000 last week to the lowest level in 4 years
as the US labor market
continued to strengthen a government report showed Thursday.

First time claims for state unemployment insurance aid dropped for the
third consecutive time, to 302,000, in the week ended Feb. 12th from 304,000 in
the previous week, the Labor dept said.

Last week's decline marks the lowest level since Oct. 2000, before the
economy tipped into recession

The closely watched 4- week moving average which smooths weekly volatility
in claims,also fell to 311,750, down 4000 from the previous week

Destined to be the most underreported item of the day

Top 10 Euphemisms of the Left

1. Edgy: meaning- WAY past the conventionally accepted norms of taste, modesty, morality or conscience.

2. Mean Spirited: meaning- Anything that challenges liberal ideological beliefs especially concerning the use of facts or the liberal persons own words

3. Progressive: meaning-Somewhere between the socialist ideologies of Sweden and Belarus

4. Witch Hunt: meaning-Any attempt to use documented facts, statements, actions or prior voting records to define the true intentions and motivations of a Democrat (also see mean spirited)

5. Bi-Partisanship: meaning-Completely discarding ones conservative ideas, values, initiatives and programs in favor of liberal ones

6. Modest Income enhancement: meaning-Huge tax increase

7. Income Enhancement: meaning-Governmental seizure of majority of private sector

8. Tax Cut: meaning-Giving away the goverments money (rarely used since circa 1960)

9. Disenfranchisement: meaning-Typical amount of illegal and fraudulent voting by Democrats was curtailed through enforcement of existing voting laws

10. Racially Motivated: meaning-Any action taken by the majority concerning a minority that does not strictly follow the liberal party line

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Navy to Commission USS Jimmy Carter

Nimtz class aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, now that sounds goood

Harry S Truman Strike Group , yea baby, fits like a glove

General Creighton W Abrams MI Battle Tank, you bet

Attack Sub USS Jimmy Carter, hmmmm, well, uhmm, that's kinda like naming our newest Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyer USS Shirley Temple

The Politics of Prevarication

There was a very telling exchange between Sen. Jeff Sessions and Sen. Chuck Schumer on PBS last night. One of them lied, care to guess which one?

Sen Jeff Sessions: I need to respond to that. First of all, judges that came up under President Clinton I objected to, but when a cloture motion was filed, every single time I voted for cloture to give them an up and down vote because I never believed they should be filibustered. Sen Schumer, on the other hand, when President Clintonwas there and said it made a mockery of the constitution not to allow judges to have an up or down vote.

Sen Chuck Schumer: I didn't say that.

Sen Jeff Sessions: Yes, you did, I've got a quote.

Sen. Chuck Schumer: No.

Hmmmm, can't both be right, now can they

March 07, 2000 Senate nominations of Richard A Paez and Marsha L Berzon

Sen Schumer: I also plead with my colleagues to move on judges with alacrity-vote them up or down. But this delay makes a mockery of the constitution makes a mockery of the fact that we are working, and makes a mockery of the lives of very sincere people who have put themselves forward to be judges and then they hang out there in limbo....

Appears we have our answer.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

W Sees Rear Guard Action in Church

President Bush still feels the fire for his First Lady. The man can't keep his hands off her- even in church.

The Chicago Tribune's White House correspondent wrote in his pool
report:President Bush leans toward the First Lady, gives her a quick kiss on the
lips, and then pats her behind. (snip)

Bush's randiness stood in stark contrast to his courtliness two Sunday's
ago, when he helped an elderly lady step down from the altar after taking

Kinda refreshing to see a President with his hands all over his own wife instead of another women for a change.