Saturday, May 30, 2009

Said What She Meant

In the eyes of a liberal, absolutely. When you get right down to it most liberals believe this statement fervently. The only reason she has to crawfish now is the majority of Americans do not.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Quote of the Week

James Delingpole Of the UK Telegraph commenting on the US press coverage of Obama: "Congratulations. Your presidential regime has managed to secure the most supine, slobbering, spineless, unquestioning media coverage since Enver Hoxha's Albania."

Gotta love the Brits way with words. Read the entire article HERE.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sotomayor View of Lady Justice

Or gender

Pelosi appeals for China's help on climate change

BEIJING (AP) — U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged Beijing on Thursday to cooperate on climate change, calling a safe environment a basic human right.

Speaking at Beijing's elite Tsinghua University, Pelosi continued the theme of her five-day China trip — that combating global warming represented a new challenge that both governments must tackle jointly.

"We are all in this together," Pelosi told an audience of about 200 students and faculty who applauded enthusiastically throughout the 45-minute session. "The impact of climate change is a tremendous risk to the security and well-being of our countries."

Yea, good luck with that.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

N. Korea: No longer bound by 1953 truce

Yep, "The One" is making the world safer by the minute.

SEOUL, South Korea (CNN) -- North Korea threatened military action Wednesday after South Korea joined a U.S.-led effort to limit the trafficking of weapons of mass destruction, the official Korean Central News Agency said.

South Korea said Monday that it was joining the 6-year-old Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) because of "the grave threat WMD and missile proliferation is posing to global peace," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Moon Tae-young.

The effort is aimed at halting shipments of weapons technology, a rare source of hard currency for North Korea, but Moon said the south would continue to uphold a shipping agreement with the North.

"Our revolutionary armed forces ... will regard" South Korea's participation "in the PSI as a declaration of war ..." the North's official news agency said.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Obama to Nominate Sotomayor to Supreme Court

Ginsburg II...

President Obama will nominate federal appeals court judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court Tuesday, FOX News has learned.

Sotomayor, 54, would be the first Hispanic on the high court if confirmed. She would succeed outgoing Justice David Souter.

Sotomayor's selection indicates that Obama is interested in diversifying the court. If she is confirmed, Sotomayor would also be just the third woman to ever sit on the Supreme Court bench, joining Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

77% See Politicians Unwillingness to Cut Government Spending as Bigger Problem

Yet they continue to elect liberals...

For nearly four-out-of-five U.S. voters, the problem is not their unwillingness to pay taxes. It’s their elected representatives’ refusal to cut the size of government.

Seventy-seven percent (77%) of voters say the bigger problem in the United States is the unwillingness of politicians to control government spending. Just 14% say the problem is that voters are unwilling to pay enough in taxes, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

These findings parallel results in California just before voters there rejected several ballot initiatives aimed at raising taxes. After that vote on Tuesday, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger suggested the state might need federal financial help, but voters nationwide oppose any bailouts for California and other economically troubled states.

Just 28% of all voters say, generally speaking, that increases in government spending help the economy, down seven points from February. Fifty-three percent (53%) now believe spending increases hurt the economy, and seven percent (7%) say they have no impact.

Friday, May 22, 2009

How Down syndrome works against cancer

No politics here just a dam^ed interesting story...

Text Size Surplus production of a cancer-suppressing protein may explain in part why people with Down syndrome seldom get cancer, a study in the May 21 Nature shows.

People born with Down syndrome have an extra copy of chromosome 21, instead of the usual two copies — one from each parent. The third chromosome causes genetic aberrations that result in the mental retardation and telltale physical traits that define the condition.

But chromosome 21 carries 231 genes, including some that may well suppress cancer. In the new study, researchers provide evidence that the protein encoded by the RCAN1 gene reins in the rampant blood vessel growth that a tumor needs to thrive. Scientists theorized that having an extra copy of the gene would result in more protein being made and add to an anticancer effect.

Scientists have long suspected that such genetic benefits might accrue from having an extra chromosome 21. A recent study found that people with Down syndrome are only about one-tenth as likely to get a solid-tumor cancer as are people without the syndrome.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Interested Americans Oppose Obama's Pro-Abortion Record Nearly 2-1

Unfortunately disinterested Americans are the ones to worry about.

Washington, DC ( -- A new CNN poll released earlier this week has some news for President Barack Obama. For Americans who are interested in his abortion position, they oppose Obama's extensive pro-abortion record since taking over the White House by nearly a 2-1 margin.

The CNN survey, conducted for the news outlet by the Opinion Research Corporation and released on Monday, found that 57 percent of Americans say Obama's position on abortion has no effect on their opinion of his presidency.

But, for the 41 percent of Americans for whom his abortion position is relevant, they're not happy with how he is promoted abortion at every turn.

Thursday Funny

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

California voters kill budget measures

A win for fiscal conservatism and all of us out here who believe we shouldn't bail out the government with out tax dollars every time they choose to overspend.

Reporting from Sacramento -- The "big five" elected leaders -- Schwarzenegger and the legislative chieftains from both houses -- are slated to begin closed-door meetings today upon the governor's return from Washington, where he spent election day after casting a last-minute absentee ballot.

On Thursday a small group of Senate and Assembly members will hold the first of what's expected to be a slew of daily public sessions to wrangle over the details of the budget.

Schwarzenegger has called for cuts that would hit every corner of the state. He announced plans to lay off 5,000 of the state's 235,000 workers and has proposed slashing education by up to $5 billion, selling state properties, borrowing $2 billion from local governments and potentially reducing eligibility for healthcare programs.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Obama Cuts Funds for Union Corruption Busters

More payback...

The President's fiscal year 2010 budget for the federal government was just unveiled, and, surprisingly, he found one agency that he thinks deserves a 9% budget cut: This agency is the Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) in the U.S. Department of Labor. Obama proposed to cut its budget from $45 million in fiscal year 2009 to $41 million in fiscal year 2010.

Ignoring Union Members

OLMS is the federal agency that investigates financial crimes that occur when union officials steal from their union. OLMS also investigates cases where union officials engage in fraud and other corrupt practices in conducting union officer elections.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Caterpillar To Slash Hours For 1,000 Workers

Remember this: Obama: Caterpillar will rehire if stimulus passes

LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Caterpillar Inc. said it will cut hours at least in half for nearly 1,000 workers at its Lafayette engine plant in its second work reduction announced this month and third in two months.

The company filed a notice Friday with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development saying the reduced hours would affect 985 of the plant's 1,900 employees beginning Aug. 24 and might last for six months.

The Lafayette plant notified Workforce Development on May 5 that it would furlough 141 workers for at least six months, beginning July 31. On March 17, it said it was laying off 439 employees at the plant for at least six months beginning May 29.

Inane Comment of the Week

Meachum celebrated the "newsmags" circulation being halved thusly:

"It's hugely counterintuitive," the magazine's editor says. "The staff doesn't understand it."

In other words, large circulation bad, significantly diminished circulation good.

Stocks still face deflationary collapse

This hombre has less invested in the stock market than at any time in 30 years and it's going to stay that way.

Longtime technical analyst Robert Prechter, who forecast the 1987 stock market crash, predicted this week that U.S. equities may plunge to half their lows hit in March as a deflationary depression bites...

..."It's not the start of a new bull market," said Prechter, chief executive at research company Elliott Wave International in Gainesville, Georgia. "Our models are (showing) right now that it is a much bigger bear market than most people realize, something along the lines of 1929-1932," he told Reuters in a wide ranging interview. "It's a very rare event," he added.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Notre Dame Honors Racial Infanticide

As a percentage of the population 5 times as many black babies are aborted as white. If I was a Ku Klux Klan member, I would be very happy today.

Sunday Unfunny

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Revelation of the Week

It is what it is.

... protesters at UC Berkeley have forced the cancellation of an invitation to Israel PM Netanyahu. For those of you keeping track, the fine institution has had A’jad as guest speaker.

Bottom line is this: Those “narrow-minded right-wingers” at Notre Dame are waaaaay more open-minded and tolerant than that so-called bastion of tolerance, love, and free speech, UC Berkeley.

Least Surprising Headline of the Week

Pelosi turns down Sunday show invitations.

And for good reason, it's called basic self preservation....story HERE.

Another Campaign Promise Reversal

It's now a demonstrable fact that this President has reneged on the vast majority of his pledges to the American people.

As a candidate for president, Barack Obama offered himself as a clear alternative to Bush-era anti-terrorism policies. Governing has proven muddier. Yesterday, Obama announced that he will revamp, rather than reject, the system of military tribunals that President George W. Bush created to try terrorism suspects...The reaction has been fierce. The American Civil LibertiesUnion..threw Obama's words from the campaign back at him: "You can't put lipstick on a pig," it said of his efforts to revamp the commissions. Human rights groups vowed to fight Obama in court....

Obama has backed Bush's warrantless wiretapping program, expanded the war in Afghanistan and opposed prosecution of those involved in what some call torture...Yesterday's announcement was a unmistakable reversal for a man who, as a candidate, had promised to shelve the military commissions and called their use under Bush an "enormous failure."

"I have faith in America's courts," Obama said Aug. 7. "I have faith in our JAGs. As president, I'll close Guantanamo, reject the Military Commissions Act, adhere to the Geneva Conventions. Our Constitution and our Uniform Code of Military Justice provide a framework for dealing with the terrorists."

Friday, May 15, 2009

More Americans “Pro-Life” Than “Pro-Choice” for First Time

From Gallup:

Also, fewer think abortion should be legal “under any circumstances” PRINCETON, NJ --

A new Gallup Poll, conducted May 7-10, finds 51% of Americans calling themselves "pro-life" on the issue of abortion and 42% "pro-choice." This is the first time a majority of U.S. adults have identified themselves as pro-life since Gallup began asking this question in 1995.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bankrupt Tribune gives bonuses after berating AIG

Hypocrisy reigns supreme...

Two months after denouncing a troubled financial company for doling out hefty management bonuses, a bankrupt news media company is doing the same thing.

"Money for nothing?" blared a Chicago Tribune editorial in mid-March, responding to news that American International Group Inc. planned to give $450 million in bonuses to its top executives during a very public federal bailout.

But this week, the Tribune Co. - which owns the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, the Baltimore Sun, the Hartford Courant and other dailies, along with 23 TV stations - received permission from a Delaware bankruptcy judge to pay out $13.3 million in bonuses to some 700 local and corporate managers.

The payouts come as $2.7 million in severance pay to 68 employees who lost their jobs last year remains frozen.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Funny

Foreclosures: 'April was a shocker'

Rumors of recessions demise have been greatly exaggerated.

NEW YORK ( -- Foreclosures in April exceeded even March's blistering pace with a record 342,000 homes receiving notices of default, auction notices or undergoing bank repossessions, according to a regular industry report.

One of every 374 U.S. homes received a filing during the month, the highest monthly rate that RealtyTrac, an online marketer of foreclosed properties, has recorded in four-plus years of record keeping.

"April was a shocker," said Rick Sharga, a spokesman for RealtyTrac. "I would have bet on a dip because March foreclosures were so high.

Instead, filings inched up 1% from March and rose 32% compared with April 2008

Monday, May 11, 2009

White House forecasts higher U.S. budget deficit

The White House on Monday pushed up its forecast for the U.S. budget deficit for this year by $89 billion, reflecting the recession, a raft of new unemployment claims and corporate bailouts.

A fresh estimate of the deficit showed it coming in at $1.84 trillion -- representing a massive 12.9 percent of gross domestic product -- in the current 2009 fiscal year that ends on September 30. A prior White House forecast released in February projected a deficit of $1.75 trillion, or 12.3 percent of GDP.

The report may add to the political challenges facing President Barack Obama as he seeks to push through a new healthcare plan and other big domestic initiatives.

In related news less than 2% of the people that read this blog see this as a surprise.

Climate change: The elements conspire against the warmists

Irony squared...

This news came as the website was reporting "It's snowing all over the world". Snow was still falling in the Alps after a record winter, while in the southern hemisphere the skiing season was starting "five weeks early".

Meanwhile, up in the Arctic, after yet another delay for bad weather, the hapless Catlin trio, sponsored by an insurance firm which hopes to make money out of alarm over global warming, continue their painful progress towards the distant North Pole, measuring the ice with an old tape measure and assuring Prince Charles by satellite telephone that it is "thinner than expected".

When the trio heard a passing aircraft, which they hoped was bringing much-needed supplies, they little realised it was a DC-3 carrying an international team of scientists, using the latest electro-magnetic induction equipment to discover rather more efficiently that the ice was in fact "twice as thick" as they had expected.

A last symbolic drama was the fate of another three-man expedition aiming to publicise the effects of climate change. Followed by schools across Britain, they were aiming to reach Greenland in a "carbon-free" boat powered only by wind and the sun. Last week, after running into appalling weather, they were rescued by – it had to be – a US oil tanker. I wonder whether the schoolchildren were told.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Astronomy Pic of the Week

Our sexy sister galaxy, ANDROMEDA.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

More Acorn Voter Fraud Comes to Light

One would think that this has risen to the level of racketeering.

Democrats are split on how to deal with Acorn, the liberal "community organizing" group that deployed thousands of get-out-the-vote workers last election. State and city Democratic officials -- who've been contending with its many scandals -- are moving against it. Washington Democrats are still sweeping Acorn abuses under a rug.

On Monday, Nevada officials charged Acorn, its regional director and its Las Vegas field director with submitting thousands of fraudulent voter registration forms last year. Larry Lomax, the registrar of voters in Las Vegas, says he believes 48% of Acorn's forms "are clearly fraudulent." On Thursday, prosecutors in Pittsburgh, Pa., also charged seven Acorn employees with filing hundreds of fraudulent voter registrations before last year's general election.

Acorn spokesman Scott Levenson calls the Nevada criminal complaint "political grandstanding" and says that any problems were the actions of an unnamed "bad employee." But Catherine Cortez Masto, Nevada's Democratic Attorney General, told the Las Vegas Sun that Acorn itself is named in the criminal complaint. She says that Acorn's training manuals "clearly detail, condone and . . . require illegal acts," such as requiring its workers to meet strict voter-registration targets to keep their jobs.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Jobless Rate at 8.9%

U.S. employers cut a smaller-than-expected 539,000 jobs in April, the smallest amount since October, according to government data on Friday that hinted at some improvement in the labor market and the recession-hit economy.

However, the Labor Department said the unemployment rate soared to 8.9 percent, the highest since September 1983. March's payrolls figure was revised to show a decline of 699,000, compared with a previously reported drop of 663,000. Job losses in February were bumped up to 681,000 from the previously estimated 651,000.

Analysts polled by Reuters had forecast non-farm payrolls dropping 590,000 in April. The unemployment rate had been forecast to rise to 8.9 percent from 8.5 percent in March.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Why Our President Will Not Host National Day of Prayer

But National Transgender/Necrophilia/Pedophile day will demand a 60 minute worldwide televised speech.

SAN DIEGO, May 7 -- Why would our President cease holding National Day of Prayer Ceremonies at the White House during the most turbulent economic times in our nation? When his constituents are looking to his leadership for the hope and change he promised during the his campaign? When he constantly quoted scriptures and the Bible at campaign stops along his road to the White House? Our President has do so since 1988, used Christianity to gain political advantage and earn the position of President.

Conservatism was birthed out of the Bible and Christianity as was the United States of America. Our founding fathers were Christians first and politicians second. Conservatism, morals, and values apart from the Bible and Christianity are powerless words mouthed by politicians from every party even radio/TV talk show hosts.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pic of the Week

Remember this? Just about as legitimate as the Nobel Peace prize.

Specter Loses His Seniority

After being the conservative hoser for decades, Specter suddenly becomes the hosee..

Despite promises from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) that Sen. Arlen Specter (Pa.) would retain his seniority after switching parties, Specter will be put at the end of the seniority line on all his committees but one under a resolution approved on the floor late Tuesday.

Under the modified organizing resolution, Specter will not keep his committee seniority on any of the five committees that he serves on and will be the junior Democrat on all but one — the chamber’s Special Committee on Aging. On that committee, he will be next to last in seniority. As a result, Specter — who as a Republican was ranking member on the Judiciary Committee and a senior member of the Appropriations Committee, as well as ranking member of the panel’s Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education — will now rank behind all the other Democrats, at least until the end of this Congress.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Congress Votes to Protect Pedophiles, Veterans No

Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together.....

This is really kind of mind numbing and demonstrates what is wrong with Congress.

During a House Judiciary Committee meeting, Congressman Steve King (R-IA) offered up an amendment to the hate crimes bill to exclude pedophiles from being a protected category under the hate crimes legislation.

Every single Democrat voted it down.

In the same meeting, Congressman Tom Rooney (R-FL) offered an amendment to include veterans as a class protected under the hate crimes bill. Not only did the Democrats vote it down, but Cogresswoman Debbie Waasserman Schultz attacked the Republicans for even thinking veterans might need protection under hate crimes legislation.

US Government Will Lose All $8 Billion It's Given To Chrysler

And it's only the beginning. We'll be throwing billions down the toilet on a daily basis for years to come.

The fact that Chrysler is going through Chapter 11 bankruptcy is in itself a form of bailout, since the government is providing the financing for the bankrupt company. Without Uncle Sam, no private investor would throw fresh cash into it, and it'd be a liquidation case. Game over.

But don't think that you, as the taxpayer, are getting any kind of senior position here.

In yesterday's initial court hearing -- which included the colorful revelation that the hedge fund holdouts had received death threats -- it was revealed that the financing is being offered interest free and that the government doesn't expect to get any of it back. That's $4 Billion in loans made in January and another $4 billion in DIP.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Specter blames Kemp’s death on Republicans

This is just a despicable statement on the part of a politically expedient Congressional relic. If only the Republicans had spent more money on research, Jack Kemp would be alive. Set aside the fact that he offers absolutely no evidence more government money would have led to a cure of Jack Kemp’s cancer, what he seems to be suggesting is that had Congress listened to “Ole Arlen” and if he remains in office … there will be a cure for all cancer. To even suggest this 24 hours after Mr Kemp’s death is despicable.

Very reminiscent of John Edwards “elect me and Christopher Reeve will walk again. Narcissism on parade. The world just can’t afford not to elect me.

You think us conservatives aren't glad to have him the hell outta here?

Sunday, May 03, 2009

CBS News Chief:Everybody,including Republicans,would say that his first 100 days have been great.

Don't you just love it when the MSM tells you how you think and feel.

Rick Kaplan apparently has been at the airplane glue again. In a New York Times piece discussing how much more favorable the news coverage has been to Obama than it was to both Bush and Clinton, Kaplan, the Executive Producer of the CBS Evening News, gave a whopper of a quote full of self-delusion, personal bias, and a keen ignorance of what the news is supposed to be.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Generic Congressional Ballot

Ruh Roh...

For just the second time in more than five years of daily or weekly tracking, Republicans now lead Democrats in the latest edition of the Generic Congressional Ballot.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 41% would vote for their district’s Republican candidate while 38% would choose the Democrat. Thirty-one percent (31%) of conservative Democrats said they would vote for their district’s Republican candidate.

U.S. May Revive Guantánamo Military Courts

The vast majority of his campaign criticisms/promises were pure pandering. 53% of the American people bought into it but there were 47% of us out there that knew it was unworkable BS. It served to get him elected and the press characterizes it as "politics". Any legitimate appraisal knows they were just plain lies, and lots of em.

The Obama administration is moving toward reviving the military commission system for prosecuting Guantánamo detainees, which was a target of critics during the Bush administration, including Mr. Obama himself.

Officials said the first public moves could come as soon as next week, perhaps in filings to military judges at the United States naval base at Guantánamo Bay, outlining an administration plan to amend the Bush administration’s system to provide more legal protections for terrorism suspects.

Continuing the military commissions in any form would probably prompt sharp criticism from human rights groups as well as some of Mr. Obama’s political allies because the troubled system became an emblem of the effort to use Guantánamo to avoid the American legal system.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Michelle Obama steps out in $540 sneakers!

Well, we know at least one person in this country isn't suffering...

NEW YORK: Michelle Obama left many admiring her 540-dollar fancy footwear as she recently stepped out to volunteer at a Washington D.C. food bank.

The US First Lady was spotted sporting renowned French design house Lanvin's trendy trainers, suede, with grosgrain ribbon laces and metallic pink toe caps.

The mum-of-two, who has top labels in the line desperate to dress her in their wraps, completed the remaining look with her J.Crew cardigan and a pair of utilitarian capri pants, reports the New York Daily News.