Thursday, May 31, 2007

Just 16% Believe Senate Bill Will Reduce Illegal Immigration

Sometimes the American people can be damn perceptive.

There’s a simple reason the immigration bill being debated by the U.S. Senate is unpopular with voters—the general public doesn’t believe it will reduce illegal immigration. And, in the minds of most voters, that’s what immigration reform is all about.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that just 16% of American voters believe illegal immigration will decline if the Senate bill is passed. Seventy-four percent (74%) disagree. That figure includes 41% who believe the Senate bill will actually lead to an increase in illegal immigration.

Other times, not so much.

Joint Military Effort To Bring Down So-Called "Islamic State of Iraq" (Diyala)

One of the last major pieces to the Iraq puzzle is controlling Diyala province.

A joint military effort by 4000 Iraqi forces supported by armed men from 100 tribes have mounted a joint effort in the Anbar Province in western Iraq to bring down the so-called "Islamic State of Iraq" (ISI).

The ISI, declared by Iraqi and foreign terrorists, has killed thousands of people and destroyed mosques, schools, and anything that has come their way.

They have made life unbearable for the major cities of the province, particularly the provincial capital of Ba'quba.

And then there's this: Iraq residents rise up against al-Qaida

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

US in TB flight infection warning

US health officials have quarantined a man who may have exposed passengers on board two trans-Atlantic flights to a dangerous form of tuberculosis.

Officials say crew and passengers on the same flights, from Atlanta to Paris and from Prague to Montreal this month, should be checked for the infection.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified the illness as "extensively drug-resistant TB".

As it turns out this man was on an American no fly list and went through some amazing contortions to evade authorites. All this was an effort to avoid treatment in Europe and obtain it in the US. Hmmmm, wonder why.

Fred Thompson running for president

We have been saying this since he publicly revealed his Lymphoma....

Fred Dalton Thompson is planning to enter the presidential race over the Fourth of July holiday, announcing that week that he has already raised several million dollars and is being backed by insiders from the past three Republican administrations, Thompson advisers told The Politico.

Thompson, the "Law and Order" star and former U.S. senator from Tennessee, has been publicly coy, even as people close to him have been furiously preparing for a late entry into the wide-open contest. But the advisers said Thompson dropped all pretenses on Tuesday afternoon during a conference call with more than 100 potential donors, each of whom was urged to raise about $50,000.

Update: Intrade has him highest ever...

Guliani 25.6 -1.1

Romney 23 no change

Thompson 26.9 +4.9

McCain 18.5 -1.4

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Syanara Sheehan

Captains Quarters says it best...

Cindy Sheehan Says Adios

Once the "darling" of the Left, a woman to whom crowds flocked, Cindy Sheehan has discovered that she has worn out her welcome by attacking everyone. In a missive she sent to the Democratic caucuses in Congress, Sheehan has renounced her membership in the party, claiming to have been as abused by the Left as she was by the Right.

More here.

University of Colorado President Recommends Firing Ward Churchill

How many months/years has this been going on now with no action? I think I've finally found a bureaucracy that is slower and more ineffective than the Federal government.

DENVER — The president of the University of Colorado has recommended that a professor who likened some Sept. 11 victims to a Nazi should be fired, according to the professor and the school.

Ward Churchill, a tenured professor of ethnic studies, has denied the allegations and threatened a lawsuit if he is dismissed.

CU President Hank Brown made the recommendation in a 10-page letter sent to the chair of the committee that handles tenure issues. University spokeswoman Michele McKinney confirmed published reports about the recommendation Monday but said the school would not make the letter public.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Three detainees suspected of terror links to Iran

Just more proof of Iran's "proxy" war. It's ultimatum time.

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Iraqi and coalition forces on Sunday seized a "suspected terrorist" with links to Iran's weapons and training network during a raid in Baghdad, the U.S. military said.

The arrest in Baghdad's Sadr City neighborhood was the third target captured in the past three days.

The detainees are suspected of having ties to a network the military says brings powerful bombs used in roadside attacks from Iran into Iraq and trains terrorists.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

She's Deface Of Rosie Revenge

Another perfect illustration of the juvenile pettiness of the left....

Yesterday, Rosie's chief writer, Janette Barber, was allegedly escorted from the building after she was caught drawing moustaches on photographs of Hasselbeck that hang in the "View" studios.

The Post's Adam Buckman reports ABC confirmed in a statement only that "photographs at 'The View's' offices were defaced. Rosie O'Donnell was not in the building. ABC Legal and Human Resources are investigating the matter." Barber is an old friend of O'Donnell who worked with her years ago on "The Rosie O'Donnell Show."

There were also rumors O'Donnell was so angry after her argument with Hasselbeck that she trashed her dressing room, although ABC denied the tantrum.

As for O'Donnell, she's been posting comments on her personal Web site,, fueling speculation she might not return to "The View" ever again. Her scheduled last day is Wednesday, June 20.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Blackburn defects to Thompson

And the Thompson juggernaut continues....

Would-be candidate Fred Thompson has stolen his first major backer away from one of the already-announced contenders.

After endorsing Mitt Romney in January, third-term Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN) said in a statement today that she will get behind Thompson if he gets in he race. Romney had dubbed Blackburn a "senior adviser" when he announced her support.

In a statement released by the Draft effort, Blackburn made no mention of Romney but instead praised Thompson. She said she and her husband have known the former senator for 30 years and that he "literally lived two doors down from" them.

Blackburn joins the rest of Tennessee's GOP delegation in getting behind the Thompson effort.

Significant endorsement as Blackburn is superb.

Head of Al Sadr's Army Killed in Engagement with Brits

Fox news Alert, more to follow....

Update: BAGHDAD — The leader of the Shiite Mahdi Army militia in the southern Iraqi city of Basra was killed Friday in a gunbattle with British soldiers, Iraqi police said.

Wissam al-Waili, 23, also known as Abu Qadir, was shot and killed along with his brother and two aides during the battle Friday afternoon, police said.

The Mahdi Army of radical Shiite Muqtada al-Sadr is fiercely opposed to the presence of U.S. and British troops in Iraq. However, the militia has lowered its profile since U.S.-led forces began a security crackdown in Baghdad in February.

Suspect Scared After 91-Year-Old's Beating

Even felons have Grandpas and the thought of this scumbag kicking the crap out of one ain't gonna fly in the big house.

DETROIT -- A 22-year-old man was ordered Wednesday to stand trial on charges that he beat and carjacked a 91-year-old Army veteran.

Bradley appeared in court Wednesday for his preliminary examination. Bradley's attorney asked the judge to provide protection for Bradley, who said he fears for his safety inside the Wayne County Jail. Eric Goze wants his client isolated because he has allegedly been threatened while in custody.[snip]

Sims' wife was asked about Bradley's request for protection.

"No, no, no. Let the prisoners have him. Let him see what it's like to be hit 21 times, and his friends stood by and watched and did nothing," Nora Sims said.

Sims described the attack frame by frame in a Wayne County courtroom.

More: Leonard Sims Invited to Washington, D.C.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Florida Poll

Now this is interesting....

Datamar released a new Florida poll today. Edwards leads Clinton for Democrats and Fred Thompson is five points behind Rudy Giuliani among Republicans.


Giuliani 27%
Thompson 22%
Romney 18%
McCain 12%

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Just 26% Favor Senate Immigration Plan

That's 74% of the American people that know the score.

Initial public reaction to the immigration proposal being debated in the Senate is decidedly negative.

A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey conducted Monday and Tuesday night shows that just 26% of American voters favor passage of the legislation. Forty-eight percent (48%) are opposed while 26% are not sure. The bi-partisan agreement among influential Senators and the White House has been met with bi-partisan opposition among the public. The measure is opposed by 47% of Republicans, 51% of Democrats, and 46% of those not affiliated with either major party

Global Warming Straight Talk

I saw this article yesterday and never got around to posting it. Fortunately Nuke Gingrich nabbed it and reports....

Professor Reid Bryson, was the 30th PhD in Meteorology granted in the history of American education, and he is on the U.N.’s Global 500 honor roll. He has also written five books and more than two hundred scientific publications, among many, many accomplishments, and contributions, in his 86 years of living.

A few quotes from an article on him:

“All this argument is the temperature going up or not, it’s absurd,” Bryson continues. “Of course it’s going up. It has gone up since the early 1800s, before the Industrial Revolution, because we’re coming out of the Little Ice Age, not because we’re putting more carbon dioxide into the air.”

Bryson mentions the retreat of Alpine glaciers, common grist for current headlines. “What do they find when the ice sheets retreat, in the Alps?”(snip)

A silver mine! The guys had stacked up their tools because they were going to be back the next spring to mine more silver, only the snow never went,” he says. “There used to be less ice than now. It’s just getting back to normal.”

Well Dr. Ms. Heide Cullen, should this eminently qualified and distinguished scientist be defrocked as well?

Report: 70 Percent of Insurgents in Iraq Come From Gulf States Via Syria

Civil war my a$$!

KUWAIT CITY — Seventy percent of insurgents fighting in Iraq come from Gulf countries via Syria where they are provided with forged passports, an Iraqi intelligence officer alleged in a published report Wednesday.

"They, according to their own confessions, gather in mosques in the said (Gulf) states to travel to Syria using their passports, taking with them phone numbers of individuals waiting for them there," Brig. Gen. Rashid Fleih, the assistant undersecretary for intelligence of Iraq's Interior Ministry, told Kuwait's Al-Qabas daily in an interview.

Fleih did not provide more specific details about the alleged insurgents or which countries they come from. But he said once in Syria, the alleged insurgents are transported to the al-Qaim border area. Individuals provide the men them with new passports after destroying the old ones, Fleih alleged in an interview from Baghdad.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Streisand criticized for high tix prices

$1200 bucks to hear this haggard old crone bellow? I think not.

ROME - Italian consumer groups want authorities to cancel Barbra Streisand's concert in Rome next month because of excessive ticket prices.

The Adusbef and Codacons groups urged the city of Rome and the Italian Olympic Committee to deny permission for Streisand to perform at the Stadio Flaminio on June 15. It is the 65-year-old singer's first-ever concert in Italy and the start of her European tour.

The ticket prices, which range from just under $200 to more than $1,200, are "absurd and shameful," the groups said in a statement Monday.

City told to pay lawyer $962,673 in cross case

Judicial subsidation of the ACLU, it's that simple.

A federal judge said yesterday that the city of San Diego must pay more than $900,000 in legal fees to the attorney for Philip Paulson, the atheist who sued over the presence of the Mount Soledad cross on city land. U.S. District Judge Gordon Thompson Jr. ordered that the city pay lawyer James McElroy $962,673.28 for his work on the case over the past four years.

Thompson is the same judge who ruled in 1991 that the cross on city land violated the state constitution's ban on government preference for religions – a ruling that touched off an epic legal battle that continues today.

City Attorney Michael Aguirre immediately said Thompson's ruling would be appealed.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Danish statue veiled by Guess Who

Uh Oh, knees and ankle still showing.

As the debate for the veil shows up again in Denmark, the "little Mermaid", a famous statue of Copenhagen, has been veiled during the night of Saturday to Sunday. The mermaid was found dessed up with a chador.

A walker found her Sunday morning at 5h30.

Intrade Shocker

Intrade markets on 2008 Republican Pres nominee:

Rudy Giuliani to be the Republican Presidential Nominee in 2008 28.2 29.1 28.5 85279 +0.4

John McCain to be the Republican Presidential Nominee in 2008 20.1 20.2 20.2 84197 -2.3

Gov Mitt Romney to be the Republican Presidential Nominee in 2008 19.0 20.4 20.5 66569 -0.1

Fred Thompson to be the Republican Presidential Nominee in 2008 20.1 21.0 23.8 18387 +6.

McCain has dropped behind Romney and Thompson likely due to his stance on immigration legislation. Guiliani continues to slide.

80 Years Ago... Lindbergh Plane Departs for Paris

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. -- It was 80 years ago Monday that Charles Lindbergh left Roosevelt Field on Long Island for the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

It was a misty, drizzly morning, and there was not a big crowd as Lindbergh climbed into the plane, revved the engine and headed east from what now is The Source mall on Old Country Road.

The plane took off about 7:50 a.m. down the grassy field headed to Paris

Hard to fathom the aeroautical improvements we've made in the short span of 80 years.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Picture to Remember

McCain is toast.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Former U.S. president calls Britain's support for Iraq war a 'major tragedy'

Speaking of major tragedies....

LONDON (AP) - Britain's support for the war in Iraq was a "major tragedy" for the world, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said Saturday, as he criticized Tony Blair's unwavering support for George W. Bush.

Asked how he would judge the British prime minister's support of Bush, Carter said: "Abominable. Loyal. Blind. Apparently subservient."

"And I think the almost undeviating support by Great Britain for the ill-advised policies of President Bush in Iraq have been a major tragedy for the world," Carter told British Broadcasting Corp. radio.

And then there's this: Former President Carter Blasts Bush's Administration as 'Worst in History'

Friday, May 18, 2007

Shamnesty deja vu

Of the top tier candidates for the Republican nomination only two oppose the latest perfumed turd being offered up by the Senate, can you guess which two?

Hint their intials are FDT and MR.

No matter how much lipstick Washington tries to slap onto this legislative pig, it’s not going to win any beauty contests. In fact, given Congress’s track record, the bill will probably get a lot uglier — at least from the public’s point of view. And agreeing to policies before actually seeing what the policies are is a heck of a way to do business.

We should scrap this “comprehensive” immigration bill and the whole debate until the government can show the American people that we have secured the borders — or at least made great headway. That would give proponents of the bill a chance to explain why putting illegals in a more favorable position than those who play by the rules is not really amnesty.

Any legislation that allows illegal immigrants to stay in the country indefinitely, as the new 'Z-Visa' does, is a form of amnesty,that is unfair to the millions of people who have applied to legally immigrate to the U.S."

"[The] Senate agreement falls short of the actions needed to both solve our country's illegal immigration problem and also strengthen our legal immigration system," Romney said. "Border security and a reliable employment verification system must be our first priority . . .

"I strongly oppose today's bill . . . It is the wrong approach." MR

Cute Cartoon Character Causes Controversy

Don't the dimwits at PBS do the most rudimnentary research before going to air?

(CBS) MIAMI A popular penguin, watched on television by children worldwide, is now at the center of a cartoon controversy.

A South Florida mother is up in arms over the cartoon, which her daughter loves to watch on PBS Sprout, not because of its content but because of the penguin’s name.

“Pingu” is about the adventures of a young penguin and his daily experiences in his snowy surroundings but Maida Rodriguez, mother of a 4-year old girl, says there’s a problem with this cute cartoon character that has her reaching for the remote.

Rodriguez says the name “Pingu” is considered a not so nice word by some Hispanics. “Basically, the word ‘pingu’ stands for male genitalia,” said Rodriguez

Here's what Urban dictionary has on the subject:

1) Pingu comes fron the spanish word pinga "Penis" "d!ck" it's refer as someone with a big d!ck or someone who is brave/courageous.

Pepe es tremendo pingu!

2) A racial slur used to describe people of mulatto( mixed with black and white) decent. The word is taken from the word penguin, because penguins are black and white.

“ Tanisha your man done went wit a white girl and they got them pingu baby”

Where's Al?

State Department praises Abbas for doing everything he can, warns Israel of defence consequences

This is one of the few times you'll see me agree with State but they're right on this one. Israel entering the fray will just serve to galvanize Palestinian opinion against them. Let Hamas and Fatah kick the crap outta each other. As the old adage goes “When your enemy is self destructing, stay out of the way”

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Porn Star Jenna Jameson supporting Hillary

Too bad boobs aren't brains.

Jenna Jameson, who's been called the world's most famous porn star and is the author of the New York Times bestseller "How To Make Love Like a Porn Star," talked about Hillary Clinton in an interview with 17, 2007... "Who's your favorite Democratic front runner for 2008? Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or John Edwards?"

Jenna Jameson: "I love Hillary. I think that in some ways she's pretty conservative for a Democrat, but I would love to have a woman in office. I think that it would be a step in the right direction for our country, and there would be less focus on war and more focus on bettering society."

Rasmussen: Clinton Leads Both Thompson and Romney by Three Points

Considering that Fred Thompson has not campaigned day one and the Hildebeast has been campaigning for months, I find this very encouraging. In addition, almost a third of people don't even know who Thompson is. Combine that with his low negatives and he has nowhere to move but up.

Senator and Former First Lady Hillary Clinton (D) leads actor and former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson (R) by three percentage points in the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Clinton attracts 47% while Thompson earns support from 44% (see crosstabs).

That’s a four-point improvement for Clinton from a month ago. In our April survey of this match-up, the gruff-voiced star of "Law and Order" had a one-point edge, 44% to 43%.

Clinton also enjoys a three-point lead over former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (47% to 44%). That's an improvement for Romney who trailed Clinton by nine in March. Romney has proven to be a surprisingly effective fundraiser and is getting better known to voters these days. But only 37% view him favorably, while 38% view him unfavorably.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Keith Richards To Become An Action Figure

Just pull the backstring and it shoots up, guzzles hard liquor, smokes incessantly, staggers, pukes on self and falls out of tree’s.....great fun.

Keith Richards is rolling into the action figure world for the first time -- as one of the "Pirates of the Caribbean."

According to Randy Falk, director of product development for the National Entertainment Collectibles Association, the company has secured the exclusive rights to produce an action figure of Richards' character, Captain Teague Sparrow, from the upcoming "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End."

Hamas kills five of its own in ambush

I just love a happy ending....

Hamas gunmen killed five of their own combatants in an ambush on a Fatah vehicle that had been carrying Hamas detainees, Fatah officials said Wednesday.

Also killed were two members of the Fatah-affiliated Preventive Security force that had been guarding the detained Hamas members, the officials said.

The exact circumstances of the incident were not immediately clear. Hamas radio reported that a Hamas man was killed in another clash.

Report Card # 2

Other than the Fox format was 1000% better and more serious than that MSNBC piece of crap, nothing really momentous occurred at the second Republican debate.

Romney B

Guiliani B-

McCain B

Paul I (idiot)

Rest: who cares.

Biggest winner: Fred Thompson for skipping the debate and capturing more momentum in a 36 second spot on Breitbart than the other candidates combined.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Exclusive: Thompson Responds to Michael Moore Challenge

Breibart has the vid and it's PERFECT!

IBD/TIPP Poll: War Is Not Lost, And Victory Is Important

Contrary to the assessment of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, most Americans surveyed in the latest IBD/TIPP Poll do not believe the U.S. has lost the war in Iraq.

A majority (54%) of the 903 adults surveyed last week disagree with Reid's assessment that the war is lost, with 30% disagreeing "strongly." Meanwhile, 78% say Iraq should be stabilized before troops are withdrawn. Fully 48% believe this is "very important."

In short, the idea of stabilizing Iraq before withdrawing troops has universal appeal, and the idea could potentially unify support behind the president.

Amazing how the truth is evidenced when the questions are asked correctly and not "push polled".

Kurtz Says John McCain Told Him 99% Of Reporters Are 'Fair'

If this doesn't prove that John McCain isn't playing with a full deck, nothing will.

NEW YORK At his online chat today at, media reporter Howard Kurtz responded to a number of questions about the political leanings of the press, from Rupert Murdoch on down.

But one particular question drew a revelation about a recent talk he had with candidate for president Sen. John McCain. Kurtz said that McCain had told him that 99% of reporters actually do a "fair" and "objective" job.

The only other option is he's lying.


From Drudge.

Like that will ever happen. Thompson is certainly well aware that debating a fool is ridiculous and futile.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Rove push on vote fraud key to firings

And there's something wrong with this why?

Nearly half the U.S. attorneys slated for removal by the administration last year were targets of Republican complaints that they were lax on voter fraud, including efforts by presidential adviser Karl Rove to encourage more prosecutions of election law violations, according to new documents and interviews.

Of the 12 U.S. attorneys known to have been dismissed or considered for removal last year, five were identified by Rove or other administration officials as working in districts that were trouble spots for voter fraud -- Kansas City, Mo., Milwaukee, New Mexico, Nevada and Washington state. Four of the five prosecutors in those districts were dismissed.

Report: Pakistani officer shoots dead 2 GIs

This is a really strange report. If accurate it's an illustration of how very tenuous the US/Afghan/Pakistan relationship truly is.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - A shooting Monday involving American soldiers near the Afghan frontier has locked Afghan and Pakistani officials into a war of words.

An Afghan government spokesman claimed a Pakistani officer shot dead two U.S. soldiers during a meeting. A Pakistani army spokesman disputed that assertion and said instead that unidentified militants opened fire on a convoy, wounding at least three U.S. soldiers and three Pakistani soldiers.

Pakistani Maj. Gen. Waheed Arshad said that unidentified "miscreants" fired at the convoy carrying military officials who attended the meeting in Teri Mangal, in the Kurram tribal agency.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Iraqi PM agrees to bigger Sunni role

Another significant event that Reid, Pelosi and the rest of the leadership on the left can ignore...

BAGHDAD - Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki agreed to give Sunnis a bigger role in security operations in their areas, lawmakers said Sunday, in a deal that staves off a threatened Sunni walkout that could have toppled the Shiite leader's embattled government.

The deal reached with Iraq's Sunni vice president could help assuage long-standing Sunni complaints that Shiite-dominated security forces unfairly target Sunni areas but avoid cracking down on Shiite militias linked to influential politicians.

The Bush administration has been pushing al-Maliki for months to reach out more to the once-dominant Sunni Arab minority, giving them a genuine role in the running of the country as part of a wider drive toward national unity that officials hope will reduce the country's rampant violence.

Top Taliban Commander Killed in Fighting (Dirt Nap for Dadullah)

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) - The Taliban's most prominent military commander, a one-legged fighter who orchestrated an ethnic massacre and a rash of beheadings, was killed in a U.S.-led military operation in southern Afghanistan, officials said Sunday.

Mullah Dadullah, a top lieutenant of Taliban leader Mullah Omar, was killed Saturday in the southern province of Helmand, said Said Ansari, the spokesman for Afghanistan's intelligence service. NATO confirmed his death, calling it "a serious blow" to the insurgency.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cuba Decry's Journalistic Censorship

In what has to be consideredone of the most monumnetal instances of the pot calling the kettle black, Cuba defends Michael Moore and chastizes the US for censorship.

The Communist Party daily Granma called the 45-year-old U.S. travel and trade sanctions "a criminal action that has cost lives and grave consequences for the inhabitants of the island," as well as Americans.

"Any resemblance to McCarthyism is no coincidence," the newspaper opined, referring to the political witch hunt that U.S. Sen. Joseph McCarthy carried out against suspected American communists in the 1950s.

The U.S. government's targeting of Moore "confirms the imperial philosophy of censorship" by American officials, it added.

Michelle Malkin has the unadulterated poop.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Wishful Thinking

Story at Media Bistro.

U.S. Actress Drew Barrymore Named World Food Program Ambassador Against Hunger

An advocate of such immense gravitas.... a starring role in Charlies Angels and the author of this unforgettable statement: "I took a poo in the woods hunched over like an animal; It was awesome."

WASHINGTON -- American actress Drew Barrymore was named a World Food Program ambassador against hunger, the United Nations agency announced Wednesday.

Barrymore just returned from a trip to Kenya, where she toured WFP-supported school meal projects, the agency said in a statement. She plans to spend the week in Washington to advocate legislation in the U.S. Congress to increase money for school meals from $100 million per year to about $300 million per year over the next five years.

Yep the UN sure knows how to pick em.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mickey Hamas

Hamas Uses Mickey Mouse Look-Alike to Teach Terror to Kids on TV

Tribal leaders in Diyala announce alliance against al-Qaeda

We've said for months, this is how the war is going to be won.

Arab tribesmen in Baquba have said they will form a tribal alliance to cleanse the Diyala province of foreign fighters and those of the al-Qaeda terrorist network in Iraq, pan- Arab al-Hayat newspaper reported Thursday.

Tribesman Sheikh Wameed al-Jabouri told al-Hayat that a number of tribes had signed a cooperation agreement to undertake this mission and to bring the city back to how "it used to be." The agreement could be considered "a national charter" that proves their rejection of the actions of the terrorist groups, al-Jabouri said.

The Arab tribes in Baquba called on US forces in Iraq not to interfere with their plans. Deputy governor of Diyala province Sheikh Dari Fahd al-Assadi said "the US forces committed fatal mistakes in handling the security situation in Baquba."

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Greensburg Victim Rips Kansas Gov. For Comments

Thank goodness there are still people out there that can recognize gross political expedience and rank exploitation of a human tradegy when they see it.

(CBS) GREENSBURG, Kan. While Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and the Bush administration jaw back-and-forth over the relief efforts for Greensburg, Kan., the town devastated by Friday night's F-5 tornado, town residents have chimed in and say they couldn't be any happier with the response from the government and other rescue units.

"The poor response thing is just political BS," Greensburg resident Mike Swigart, 47, who lost his house and four vehicles from the storm, told in an exclusive interview. "I saw her on television and I'm disappointed in that because she doesn't know what she's talking about."

Swigart said there was an almost immediate response from other towns, people who had lined up to try and provide rescue efforts. He said Sebelius' comment about the lack of Humvees was unfounded.

Let's not forget that Obama Hussein and Harry Reid also jumped on this bogus bandwagon.

Majic Negro's Monstrous Misstatement.

Ridiculously inaccurate, but articulate.....

RICHMOND, Va. — Barack Obama, caught up in the fervor of a campaign speech Tuesday, drastically overstated the Kansas tornadoes death toll, saying 10,000 had died.

The death toll was 12.

"In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died — an entire town destroyed," the Democratic presidential candidate said in a speech to 500 people packed into a sweltering Richmond art studio for a fundraiser.

Iran willing to help US develop Iraq 'exit strategy': Deputy FM

So are sworn enemy is willing to help us surrender, how considerate.

LONDON (AFP) -Iran is willing to help its foe the United States develop an "exit strategy" from
Iraq the country's deputy foreign minister said in an interview published Wednesday.

Abbas Araghchi, speaking to the Financial Times business daily, also dismissed US allegations that Iran was supplying Iraqi insurgents with weapons, and added that no amount of pressure would convince Iran to give up its contested nuclear programme.

"Their invasion was a disaster -- let there not be a disastrous withdrawal," Aragchi told the paper

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

CBS Evening News Records Its Lowest Viewership In At Least 20 Years

The perky one continues to tank....
Last week's CBS Evening News viewership was the lowest it has been since at least 1987, which is as far back as Nielsen records date.
It's accurate to call it the smallest audience for the Evening News in decades.
Last week's average total viewership was 6,050,000. Katie Couric's previous low of 6,157,000 came in March.

Guliani's Lead Continues to Wane

Giuliani 25% McCain 17% Thompson 16%

The race for the Republican Presidential nomination is getting closer. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani remains on top, but his lead has fallen to single digits.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows Giuliani at 25%, eight points more than Arizona Senator John McCain’s 17%. Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson has not entered the race, but is just a single point behind McCain. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is at 12%, the only other candidate in double digits. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich remains in fifth place with 8% support.

Terror Arrests in Fort Dix Plot - New Jersey

Just how much of the credit for this goes to the Patriot Act? We may never know.

Six ethnic Albanians have been arrested in a plot to storm the Fort Dix installation in Burlington County.

Five of the suspects were arrested in Cherry Hill. They will be arraigned later today in federal court. Officials say it will happen in either in Camden or Newark.

Investigators say the suspects planned to use automatic weapons to storm the base and kill solders. The men were lured into a secret meeting to purchase AK-47s from an arms dealer, who was secretly cooperating with the FBI.

Officials say the suspects worked on a number of targets, including the Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, Fort Monmouth in Eatontown, and several Coast Guard stations.

And since the article didn't deem itimportant tell you in the first four paragraphs I will....Yes they were Muslims, several illegal.

Dritan Duka (illegal alien)

Eliver Duka (illegal alien)

Shain Duka (illegal alien)

Serdar Tatar

Mohamad Shnewer

Agron Abdullahu

Monday, May 07, 2007

Rasmussen Shocker

The latest Rasmussen Reports data shows Fred Thompson the ONLY potential Republican nominee to beat Hillary.

Thompson (44%) Clinton (43%)

Buratha News will publish a document proving al-Zawahiri, Zarqawi links to Saddam

Iraqi based Buratha News has obtained a document they say "proves" a tactical relationship between al-Zawahiri, Zarqawi and the Saadam regime. Forums not the least of which Fallujah Forums is mobliizing to refute the claims.

More as it becomes avaialble.

Update: The paper will publish the document(s) on Wennesday. jvertas comments: (Document shows) Saddam regime relation with Aymen Al Zawahiri, Al Zarqawi and other Al Qaeda terrorists. The article is saying that the Saddam document also shows that Al Zawahiri was assigned an agent number in Saddam intelligence. Saddam Intelligence Service rarely used the names of their members and agents but they assigned numbers to them.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sacre bleu Sarkozy Wins

Like Mexico, the left cannot abide by a legitimate election if their man (or women) loses so expect the riots to commence.

Conservative Nicolas Sarkozy has won the hotly-contested French presidential election, according to early results.

The final count gave Mr Sarkozy 53.06%, compared with 46.94% for socialist Segolene Royal, with turnout at 85%.

Mr Sarkozy, 52, the son of a Hungarian immigrant, takes over from the 74-year-old Jacques Chirac.

That didn't take long...Riots, violence greet new French Prez Sarkozy

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Thompson Speaks at Lincoln Club Dinner

If there was doubt in anyones mind that Fred Thompson is running for President, fahgetaboutit. Last nights 30 minute oratory was a stump speech plain and simple.

He hit all the high notes when speaking to a conservative Republican audience. Lower taxes, smaller government, Islamic extremism, Iraq, secure borders, Federalism you name it he covered it in his inimitable plain spoken Will Rogerian style. Humerous at times, somber and thoughtful others he delivered a solid expose of his positions an the importance of those positions to our countries survival and prosperity.

The one aspect of Fred Thompson that seems to pervade all his presentations whether they be written or verbal is that of a strong sense of grounded honesty. Agree or disagree with him this guys a straight shooter who calls em as he sees em. No nuance, no couching of positions he tells you the way he sees things and then works to help you understand why he believes as he does. No pander bear this one.

Much of this speech was ad libbed from notes and several long quotes were done from memory. One of the great side benefits of being an actor with the ability to learn litanies of dialogue for the camera. Overall I give this speech an 8 out of 10 with 2 points being deducted for a few of instances of rambling. Best line of the night: “I’m not interested in being the tallest midget in the room.”

Fred realizes as Reagan did that there is no "getting along" with the Dems. The only way to accomplish your objectives is to go directly to the American people and convince them of the validity of your positions. Thompson is a bonafide conservative with the skills to persuade. The most important question we must ask ourselves... is there anyone else presently in the Republican field that can make the same claim?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Hagel is History

This is one RINO that better be polishing up his resume'

The Hotline has published the results of a new Myers Research and Strategic Services poll, conducted on behalf of the Nebraska Democratic Party, that shows only 42% of voters approve of Sen. Chuck Hagel's job performance, while 50% disapprove. Meanwhile, 40% approve of Attorney General Jon Bruning's job performance, and 37% disapprove.

The most surprising result is that Hagel's disapproval rating is highest among independents at 58%. Among Democrats, 53% approve of his job performance and 42%, while among Republicans, 36% approve and 47% disapprove.

Quote of the Week

"Ron Paul....the Sanjawa of Republican Presidential hopefuls."

Republican Debate

For those that couldn't or wouldn't watch the Republican debate, here's how they did in a nutshell.

John McCain B

Rudy Guiliani C- (that's being generous)

Mitt Romney A-

Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul, Tommy Thompson, Jim Gilmore, Duncan Hunter etc, who cares.

Ed Morrissey comments: * What about Fred? -- Fred helped himself tremendously by staying out of this debate. His absence will make GOP hearts grow much fonder, much faster. At this rate, if Fred stays out of these debates until the primary season begins, he might be the consensus nominee.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Nathans 2nd Post

I'm in 2nd grade. In my school we have something called AR (accelerated reading) and every Friday we get to go to the AR store. My goal has been getting 100 points if you get 100 points you can eat lunch with the principle! Two days ago I got 107 points. There is a test (Stars) that said I read like a 6th grader. I have also read an 401 page book.

Congrats Nathan, Dad is proud.

Update: Folks, this is the American left today:

Cool! How may points do you get if you learn how to spell "principal"? rotwang 05.03.07 - 7:11 pm

Q-Poll: Giuliani Tumbles, Thompson Explodes, McCain Tastes Hope

Rooty the invincible is proving to be anything but...

Ahead of tonight's first Republican primary debate, the Quinnipiac Poll out this morning has bad news for Rudy Giuliani (and Mitt Romney), good news for Fred Thompson, and mixed news for John McCain.

Quinnipiac polled 1,166 American voters between April 25 and May 1.

Compared to Quinnipiac's last national poll in February, Mr. Giuliani fell to 27% from 40% — a huge tumble. Mr. Romney barely budged, going to 8% from 7%. Mr. McCain also barely budged, going to 19% from 18%. And Mr. Thompson burst onto the scene, coming in at 14%, having not been included in the last poll (and, as usual, stealing third place from Mr. Romney, despite not having lifted a finger).

Abu Omar al-Baghdadi Killed

When Harry Reid was reached for comment he said "We must STOP the slaughter!""

BAGHDAD, May 3 (Reuters) - U.S. and Iraqi forces have killed the head of the self-styled Islamic State in Iraq, an al Qaeda-led militant group that has claimed many major attacks in the country, Iraq's deputy interior minister said on Thursday.

Hussein Kamal said Abu Omar al-Baghdadi had been killed in a battle north of Baghdad. He declined to say when but said authorities had recovered Baghdadi's body.

"Abu Omar al-Baghdadi was killed north of Baghdad by Iraqi and American forces. He died as a result of wounds sustained in clashes. The Interior Ministry has his body to carry out further checks," Kamal told Reuters by telephone.

Update: Body said to be Iraqi Qaeda leader shown on TV

Update II: US and Iraqi forces have killed a senior al-Qaeda leader believed to have been behind the kidnapping of the American journalist Jill Carroll and the murder of an American peace activist.

There was a swirl of confusion surrounding the killing of Muhared Adbul Latif al-Jebouri in an ultra-violent area of Baghdad, with Iraqi officials initially identifying him as Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, the head of the Islamic State of Iraq, a coalition of extremist Sunni militant groups that has declared a Caliphate in the lawless areas north of Baghdad.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Iranian President Under Fire for Kissing, Embracing Old Woman in Public

Live by psycho religiofascist fanaticism die by pyscho religiofascist fanaticism.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of the ultra-conservative Islamic country that last week rounded up hundreds of women for not properly covering up, is accused of indecency for publicly embracing and kissing the hand of a former schoolteacher.

Ahmadinejad was photographed and filmed bowing to kiss the elderly woman's gloved hand and hugging her at a ceremony Tuesday ahead of Iran's teacher's day, prompting charges of indecency by the influential and hard-line Islamic newspaper Hezbollah.

Unfortunately for Ahmadinejad scoring with "old women" is the best he can expect.

Joan Baez Unwelcome At Concert For Troops

Like anyone at Walter Reed wants to hear Joan Baez anyway.

When rocker John Mellencamp performed for the recovering soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Friday night, a couple of things were missing. He squelched his typically blistering rhetoric against the war in Iraq. Also MIA, as it turned out, was folkie and antiwar activist Joan Baez, who says she was disinvited from the event by Army officials.

In a letter that appears today in The Washington Post, Baez says Mellencamp had wanted her to perform with him and that she had accepted his invitation.

First question that comes to mind....who invited her in the first place?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bush Vetoes Troop Withdrawal Bill

Back to square one with our troops caught in the middle.

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush vetoed legislation to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq Tuesday night in a historic showdown with Congress over whether the unpopular and costly war should end or escalate.

In only the second veto of his presidency, Bush rejected legislation that would require the first U.S. combat troops to be withdrawn from Iraq by Oct. 1 with a goal of a complete pullout six months later.

He vetoed the bill immediately upon his return to the White House from a visit to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fla., the headquarters of U.S. Central Command, which oversees military operations in the Middle East, including Iraq.

Update: House fails to override veto

Mission accomplished.

5/1: The Frontrunner Isn't Even Running

For the first time since its inception, a GOPer built on a previous month's lead in the GOP Bloggers straw poll. Non-candidate Fred Thompson gained 14 points, currently taking in 52% of first-place votes cast in the 4/07 poll. Rudy Giuliani's numbers didn't budge (16%-15%), while Newt Gingrich's numbers tumbled from 14% to 6% (the Blogometer guesses Newt's 4/10 Global Warming debate performance is the cause of the fall). Disheartened Gingrich fans seemed to flock to Thompson as Mitt Romney moved into third place without gaining any support. If Thompson finally does run, we'll see whether or not GOPers' love for Thompson is genuine, or just another case of not wanting what you've already got.

It's the former.

Terror Chief 'Killed In Internal Battle'

We'll hold off on the happy dance untill the US confirms but this looks pretty solid.

The leader of al Qaeda in Iraq has been killed, Iraq's Interior Ministry has said.

Abbu Ayyub al Masri was killed in an "internal battle", according to the ministry.
However, there is no independent confirmation of the report.

Brigadier-General Abdul Kareem Khalaf told the Reuters news agency: "We have definite intelligence reports that al Masri was killed today."

Another source in the ministry also said al Masri had been killed, Reuters said.

Update: Body transfered to US custody for identification. Meanwhile from the left... Reid: Bush Must Halt Slaying of Terrorist Leaders