Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Churchill Finds his Niche

Not much Ward"Cleaver"Churchill news lately, but this is a gem.

Newly on notice that his job as a tenured ethnic studies professor at the University of Colorado remains in jeopardy, Ward Churchill spent the weekend in the bosom of a community where his defiant, iconoclastic political message is mother's milk.

The highlight of his tour was the 10th annual San Francisco Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair on Saturday at Golden Gate Park.

There were even games to play, including "Pin the Molotov Cocktail on the Cop Car."

Telling his standing-room-only audience Saturday that they live in a country that grants its citizens rights that are honored "up until the moment you try to exercise them," Churchill, 57, didn't sound as if an eventual departure from CU gave him great concern.

Just proves that anyone can find an audience. There are enough wacko ideologies and twisted rationals in this world, even a self important, cowpie spewing moonbat like Ward Churchill can find a niche. A small delusional fish in a polluted mudpuddle.

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