Sunday, March 20, 2005

World Bank Staff Go BWWAAAAA

The next time I interview for a job, I'll make it clear that I am dissatisfied with the boss and think he should be replaced by someone of my choosing.

Washington's nomination of Paul Wolfowitz as the World Bank's next president has
triggered an outcry among the bank's staff, who have demanded the right to have
a say in his confirmation, it emerged yesterday.
The staff association has
met the bank's executives to voice its concerns after it was swamped with
complaints from employees over the selection of Mr Wolfowitz, the US deputy
defence secretary and one of the architects of the Iraq war.
A revealing peek into the thinking of career bureaucrats. They are so insulated and far removed from legitimate enterprise, they haven't a clue how things work. These nimrods don't understand that the shareholders control the company and make the decisions, their idiotic opinions and concerns mean less than nothing. Memo to staff: "If you feel unable to function effectively in the working environment created by President Wolfowitz , you are required to vacate your office by weeks end. Thank you and good luck in your search for employment".

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