Friday, March 18, 2005

Playing politics with Terri's life

I am not so naive as to believe that the Republican party is not capable of some really nasty politics. There are times when I am downright disgusted with my party for one reason or another. Each party has it's moments as we all know. What the Democrats are doing here, however, is so beneath contempt, so vile and repugnant, it's difficult to believe it's true.

A handful of Democrats decided late yesterday to begin to leverage the life of Terri Schiavo in an attempt to win concessions on certain provisions of other Senate action. The move was a despicable example of the level to which the Senate Democrats are willing to stoop to try to salvage some sort of achievement in the 2005 session.

"I'm not sure. We lobbied senators all week and thought we had the support of senators like Mr. Schumer, but today, a small handful, including Mr. Reid and Mr. Schumer, have decided to hold out their support for saving my sister, and innocent woman, from death by starvation."
According to the same sources, a handful of U.S. senators have taken it under advisement to leverage "Terri's Law," which clearly appeals to pro-life voters across the country, against other measures that include budgetary items.

What a clear illustration to what extent the Democrat party has devolved. Have these people no conscience, no shame? It's sad, the once noble party has deteriorated to this, a body with a functioning brain but a heart and soul that has long since expired.

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