Saturday, March 26, 2005

Another Successful Iraqi Operation

Here is more good news from Iraq you likely won't be seeing reported by the MSM. Curious how we need to rely on the Foreign press for any news of success.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi soldiers backed by U.S. helicopters have killed severalsuspected insurgents and seized 131 more in a dawn raid, capturing tons of explosives earmarked for attacks on the holy city of Kerbala, officials say.

"It was a surprise operation based on intensive surveillance by military intelligence,"Defence Minister Hazim al-Shaalan told Reuters on Saturday. "It was very successful."

The vast majority of the 131 captured were Iraqis, although officials said many fakedIraqi identification papers were also found. It was not clear how many people were killed.

Note, again this was an Iraqi operation. We only had a few choppers handy acting as referees if needed to kick a few escaping terrorist back into the field of play.

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