Thursday, March 31, 2005

German Unemployment Up Again

They would choose to lecture us on everything from international relations to the economy. Like a boastful child who thinks he knows more than he does, he ends up embarrassed as the truth is invariably exposed.

Unemployment in Germany rose sharply in March for the third consecutive month, although economists warned that much of the jump reflected statistical changes.

The statistics, to be officially released today, will show a seasonally adjusted rise of 92,000 in the number of job seekers to 4.9m. The figures, published yesterday by Reuters and confirmed by people close to the Federal Labour Office, were substantially higher than economists had expected.

12% Unemployment and they laud a 1.6% economic growth rate. Excessive governmental stewardship and regulation will do it everytime.

On the flipside here in the states, Incomes Rise Solidly Thursday March 31, 8:43 am ET By Martin Crutsinger, AP Economics Writer Americans' Incomes, Bolstered by Gains in Hiring, Rise 0.3 Percent; Consumer Spending Also Rises.

The 0.3 percent rise in incomes was attributed to a surge of 262,000 new jobs in February, the biggest increase in four months. Further solid gains in both incomes and consumer spending are expected in the months ahead as the consumer continues to be a driving force in the economy. Now who should be lecturing whom?

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