Friday, March 18, 2005

True Confessions

A sort of cross between "Iraqi Idol" and "Iraqi's Most Wanted" this television program scores high ratings and accomplishes the political goal of exposing the terrorists for what they are.

BAGHDAD -- Iraq's wildly popular new television hit features a nightly parade of men, most with bruised faces, confessing to all kinds of terrorist and criminal acts.

''Terrorism in the Hands of Justice" is the Iraqi government's slick new propaganda tool; its televised confessions, police say, aim to discredit the armed resistance and advertise the government's success at cracking down on gangs.

Iraqi government officials brag that the show has ruined the image of jihad, or holy war, in the country, exposing the resistance as a racket of street criminals and thugs who attack Americans and Iraqi security forces for pay.

The Globes typical moral relativism and thinly veiled condescention are apparent in this piece, but interesting nontheless.

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