Thursday, March 17, 2005

Senate Will Take Up Terri Schiavo Bill, President Bush Would Sign It

Terri has some powerful advocates working in her corner now.

Washington, DC ( -- Now that the House of Representatives has weighed into the Terri Schiavo debate by passing legislation allowing her parents to take their case to prevent her starvation death to federal courts, the onus is on the Senate to act.

In a Thursday speech, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist urged his colleagues to support the House-approved bill.

"The question is, should we allow her to be starved to death?" Frist said. "It has to do with the culture of life. And I believe this body is going to have to speak on this particular matter before we leave."

Does anyone believe that if we had President Kerry this would have any chance of passing and being signed into law?

UPDATE: Senate passes Schiavo bill! Levin votes Nay

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