Thursday, March 31, 2005

EU Head Office Says It Will Impose Trade Sanctions on Washington

Collectively they can't come to a concensus on any way to stop the genocide in the Sudan that has killed 100,000s, but this they can agree on. Priorities I guess.

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) - The European Union said Thursday it will impose sanctions on U.S. products to punish Washington for failing to repeal an antidumping law ruled illegal by the World Trade Organization.

The 25-nation EU has long asked for Washington to repeal the 3-year-old legislation and the Bush administration has been working with Congress to bring it into line with its obligations. Yet the EU executive Commission said it was time to bring further action.

"The EU understands that Canada will be announcing retaliatory measures against certain products from the United States and expects that other co-complainants will soon join it in applying retaliation," the EU head office said.
The other complainants are Brazil, Chile, India, Japan, South Korea and Mexic

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