Sunday, March 27, 2005

Felos: Starving Terri Looks 'Beautiful'

Now the the first stage of their plan has been accomplished, Felos, Schaivo and the rest of the gang of death proceed with the second stage, make sure Terri's execution by starvation has as an appealing and acceptable face as possible.

After going more than eight days without food and water, starving Terri Schiavo looks "beautiful," the attorney for her husband, who appears to have won the battle to force her death, told reporters on Saturday.

"In all the years I've seen Mrs. Schiavo, I have never seen such a look of peace and beauty upon her," he insisted.

Felos's comments were sharply at odds with accounts from her family and their lawyers, who say her eyes are sunken, her skin is flaking and that she's bleeding from the eyes and mouth.

This is heinous what's happening, absolutely heinous - this is absolutely barbaric," her brother Bobby Schindler complained. "If she is in fact dying so peacefully and easily, why not allow a camera in there to videotape it?" he said.

These men are beyond despicable. If it's not bad enough that they succeed in executing an innocent women, but now they insist on painting it as a pleasant and beautiful experience. If there is any justice on this earth the truth will come out and these people will answer for their crimes.

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