Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Report: Schiavo Reacts to Friend’s Visit

It's amazing how many people have said that Terri "reponds" which of course is impossible if she were truly in a PVS. Nurses, family members, clergy, friends and officers of the court have all said they have elicited reactions from Terri.

Friar Paul O’Donnell, spiritual adviser to Bob and Mary Schindler, said Florida hospice patient Terri Schiavo - under court order to be starved and dehydrated to death - received a visit from her father, Bob Schindler, and an old girlfriend of hers Sunday night, resulting in an "extraordinary” reaction to the latter.

Identified only as Sherry, the friend, according to an account in the Miami Herald, reminisced about their old times dancing and partying together.

According to the Herald, O’Donnell said Schiavo "raised her hands up and was moving and started making guttural sounds - like she does when she talks to her mother."

How Judge"Dredd"Greer could have ignored much of this is beyond me. I guess any evidence to the contrary has a chilling affect on his ability to support a claim of "beyond a reasonable doubt".

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