Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Just About Over

I am sad to report that in all liklihood Terri Schiavo will continue to be denied food and water and therefor starved to death.

Personally my heart aches for Terri, but I am also deeply saddened for our society and culture. We have allowed another person guilty of nothing more than being unable to take care of themself to be destroyed. When the life of a single individual is so devalued the conscience of the entire culture is diminished. Of all the emotions I feel right now, the most intense is shame, shame for the my country, shame for the arrogance of our judges and shame for personally not having done more to see this wasn't stopped. Men (and women) of conscience and principle know when an injustice is being done. This my friends is a great injustice indeed.

The destroying of Terri's life is but another step in our slow but steady walk down the path of dehumanization. We started down this road with the aborting of our society's most innocent and helpless , the unborn. It's only logical the next step be to excise the elderly and infirmed. This is a journey initiated of convenience and arrogance, a belief in our superior insight into what is "best", what has worth and what does not, what merits preservation and what is derserving of eradication. It's an arrogance borne of declining values and a maladjusted moral compass. It has also been the point of initiation in the decline of every major civilization in the history of man.

I would hope that Terri would prove to be a martyr for the cause of life, but I am doubtful that will be the case. Within a week or two of her passing, the American people will have "moved on" and I fear she will be soon forgotten. We have done some despicable things in our 225 year history, this will prove to be one of them. Many of our elected officials have proven themselves to be righteous in this cause. 200+ repesentatives, many Senators and our President. As long as there are people such as these with character and conviction, we have hope.

I earnestly appeal some greater good will come from your death. Godspeed Terri, I for one will do my level best to see that no one forgets.

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