Friday, March 25, 2005

Schiavo and Christ had similarities in their deaths

I in no way want to compare Jesus Christ with Terri Schavio for obvious reasons. There are, however, some similarities in their plight and circumstance.

1) They were both guilty of no legitimate crime.

2) Both were betrayed by someone trusted and very close to them.

3) Both had people with ulterior motives bear false witness against them.

4) They both were to die within 1 week of each other.

5) These two innocent people were executed by their respective governments while the people stood by and in some cases even cheered the spectacle.

6) Both were condemned by the judiciary edict.

7) In both cases a governor could have directly intervened in their behalf, and did not.

8) Both their mothers tried desperately to save them by appealing to both the judges and the people and failed.

9) Rather than a quick painless execution, both suffered slow painful deaths.

10) Both had a significant portion of the populace that realized what a terrible miscarriage of justice was occuring, but were powerless to stop it.

11) Both misguided executions illustrated the brutality and moral decadence of their respective society's.

12) Both executions were highly publicized and visible.

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