Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Greer Admits Factual Error in Schiavo Case

Our illustrious probate judge is not almighty after all

Clearwater, Florida - Judge George Greer admits there was an error in fact in the 2000 trial that established Terri Schiavo;s "right to die."

When a family friend claimed a 19-year-old Terri was upset that right to die icon Karen Ann Quinlan's parents removed her from life support, the Judge discounted the testimony,
reportedly because the Judge said Quinlan died in 1976.

Quinlan was taken off life support in 1976, but died in 1985. A technical error, yes. But Wednesday afternoon, Judge Greer ruled it was not enough to affect the outcome of the 2000 lawsuit that held Terri would not want to be kept alive with severe brain damage.

Anyone else wonder how many more of these there are?

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