Saturday, March 05, 2005

Colo. Prof. Won't be Fired Over Comments

In a stunning non-surprise University of Colorado President Betsy Hoffman said this:

"A professor who compared Sept. 11 victims to Nazis will not be fired if a
review turns up only inflammatory comments, not misconduct."
"If we find it is just about speech, there will be no action," Hoffman told the
school's faculty assembly Thursday, adding that she feared a "new McCarthyism"
was responsible for the uproar over Ward Churchill's essay.
I wonder if she would voice the same opinions concerning free speech if one of her professors stated that southern lynchings were a positive thing, that is was just the noble whites protecting there families and community from the evil sex crazed black menace. Churchills statements were equally as ludicrous and inflamatory.

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Anonymous said...

To answer your question, that person would be censured if not fired. Hate speech is hate speech and should be dealt with accordingly.