Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I "Heart" My Vagina Part Deux

We reported last month on the controversy surrounding the presentation of "The Vagina Monologues" and the subsequent display by Winona Senior High School students of buttons stating "I heart my vagina. Well, it appears a compromise between administration and students has been reached, Oh JOY.

High school students Carrie Rethlefsen, Emily Nixon and approximately 100 others today planned to rally around the flagpole in front of Winona Senior High School, wearing buttons and T-shirts proclaiming "I [heart] My Vagina" and "I Support Your Vagina."

School officials last week told parents that they would allow students to wear the items in that area.

But any student who tries to wear their shirts or buttons into the school will be barred at the doors by teachers and administrators and told to remove the shirts and put something else on or turn them inside out, officials said.

These girls have made their point. They are not interested in a protracted lawsuit in a mid-sized town in southeastern Minnesota," he said Monday. "These two girls are really sensitive to what's going on in their community."

"Sensitive to what's going on in their community"? PUHLEEEAZE, if that were the case they wouldn't be running around with brazen vulgarities pinned to their trainers no doubt embarrassing their parents and any one else they come in contact with that has an iota of modesty. After one wades through all the crap, that's most likely their intention.

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