Friday, May 13, 2005

Arizona Border Patrol Ordered to Stand Down

This coming from an Anderson Org. report

Tucson Border Sector Chief Michael Nicely has ordered the Border Patrol to ensure that Illegal Alien apprehensions are kept to an absolute minimum so as to disprove the impact of the recent month-long Minuteman Project.

All during the Minuteman Project Border Patrol officials and especially Chief Nicely repeatedly demeaned the Minuteman and their effectiveness, accusing them of getting in the way of the Border Patrol, stepping on electronic sensors, destroying tracks, and generally gumming up the works. Nicely attempted to give all credit for the Minuteman Project success to the Mexican government and Mexican military – who did divert the Illegal traffic around the Minuteman area to the east and west where increased Illegal traffic skyrocketed. The actions of the Mexican government and Mexican military can only be attributed to the Minuteman Project.

To preclude this expose of the Border Patrol inefficiency – Chief Nicely has ordered that agents are to be restricted to "forward deployment". There is to be no patrolling in depth. Thus, Illegals who get past 100 yards or so are as good as in Indiana, or Idaho or Kansas or North Carolina. Needless to say, with Border Patrol postings far, far less dense than that of the Minutemen, there will be few apprehensions and thousands upon thousands of Illegals successfully and illegally penetrating into the U.S. This "forward deployment" has been referred to by agents as "sitting on the X". This strategy has been endorsed by Congressman Jim Kolbe. This assures Kolbe's corporate sponsors of an ongoing supply of illegal (and consequently cheap) labor.

If this proves out the ramifications are huge. Keep your ears open on this one.

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