Saturday, May 14, 2005

Did Andrew Grossman Perjure Himself?

This courtesy of Free Republic and the ever vigilant Doug from Upland:

In a stunning development in the criminal trial of David Rosen in Los Angeles, whistleblower Peter Paul has said that he believes Andrew Grossman committed perjury in his testimony. It was Grossman's job to take the campaign info and make the official filings to the FEC.

On the stand, Grossman claimed that he never before heard of an event costing a million dollars. Paul says that such is not true.

On June 18, 2001, Grossman was served with a civil suit by Paul. Paul gave him details and copies of checks to advise him on the cost of the event. Grossman cannot claim that he didn't know.

We are continuing to gain the facts in this case and will have more detailed information, hopefully by this evening.

Oh what a tangled web we weave........

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