Friday, May 20, 2005

Expediency vs Accuracy and the Truth

It's called"transferrence"(TF) and the MSM is in full TF mode. Crappergate has resulted in the deaths of two dozen people. There are clearly two parties that bear reponsibility for creating the circumstances that led up to this tragedy but are being ignored in favor of their favorite whipping boy, GW.

It has become the prevalent modus operandi for the left to transfer blame from truely guilty to those of their choosing and the MSM for the most part have been complicit in these efforts. It's been going on for years and it's integral to the rationalization and justification of their agenda. The most long standing example of this is their take on crime and criminals. "We can't blame the poor black teen for gunning down 3 people in the street. We must blame the truely guilty, the evil white capitalist who has forced this child into a life of poverty, frustration and violence. We must not hold him accountable, but, rather society and ultimately ourselves for creating an environment by which we produced such a an individual."

Fast forward to Crappergate. It's not the fault of Newsweek for shoddy reporting, nor of the Muslim clerics who daily whip their followers into a frenzied bloodlust ready to rampage at the slightest provocation. No, it's the Bush administrations fault for going to war in Afghanistan and Iraq thereby enflaming the passions of the Muslim world against us. It's our callous attitude and intolerance toward the religion of peace and our efforts to elevate our interests above those who would choose to kill us that are truely responsible for the these deaths. It's the fault of the Bush administration, society and ultimately ourselves.

What a steaming cowpie. The radical Muslim world has had it out for us before George Bush had the faintest glint in his eye to run for President. It started when we chose to support Israel in the Middle East and has been festering increasingly ever since. The Muslim terrorist's have been bombing our facilities and killing our people across the globe for decades and it has to do with who we are and what we stand for. The only thing that will change their attitude toward us is to change the very core of ourselves as a people.

Maybe that's what the MSM really feels is neccessary. That we as a people discard our current set of morals, values and beliefs in favor of a more "worldly"concoction, one of their choosing. That we subjugate our interests to the interests of the world. That we quit making them mad. After all it's our fault, if we would just quit irritating them, they would leave us alone maybe even learn to love us.

Personally, I'll continue to place the blame where it belongs. This approach may not ultimately result in a worldwide rendition of Kumbaya but, that's OK, I can't sing anyway.

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