Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Theater Bans Fonda Movies

Heres a guys who knows how to hit Hanoi Jane and the rest of the left where it counts, in the pocketbook.

The owner of two Kentucky theaters is refusing to show the new Jane Fonda film "Monster-in-Law" because of the actress's pro-communist stand during the Vietnam War.

Photos of a smiling Miss Fonda posing with a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft crew in 1972 were displayed outside an Elizabethtown movie theater to show the disapproval of theater owner Ike Boutwell. The marquee outside Mr. Boutwell's Showtime Cinemas in nearby Radcliff reads: "No Jane Fonda movie in this theater."

"I trained a lot of pilots during the Vietnam conflict," Mr. Boutwell told the Hardin County News-Enterprise, adding that some of those pilots died when their planes were shot down by North Vietnamese gunners.

"To me, Ms. Fonda is a traitor," he explained in a local television interview. "I could not get the picture out of my mind of her cheering the gun crew that had just shot down an American B-52."

Good for you Mr. Boutwell. You can't keep HJ from spewing her America hating communist manifesto, but you can keep her lying traitorous piehole of your movie screens.

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