Sunday, May 08, 2005

Have These Men People No Shame

The left wants the terrorists treated as soldiers with full rights and protections afforded by the Geneva convention. They also want the court sytem to handle these cases with the full rights and protections afforded our judicial system under the US constitution. These scumbags are not soldiers under any definition of the word, nor are they criminals, they are indiscriminate mass murderers that will utilize every diabolical means know to man conceivable to achieve their goal. The Geneva convention was set up for "civilized" societies to create certain groundrules by which war was to be fought. Terrorist's adhere to none of these and therefor must be treated as spies and saboteurs....summarily executed

The figures huddled beside the graveyard on the road that leads into the Pakistani town of Mardan seemed an unremarkable group, their identities obscured behind the head-to-toe burqas that local women traditionally wear. But these were no ordinary women--in fact, they weren't women at all. Instead, the burqas concealed a group of Pakistani commandos who were waiting last week for a killer. U.S. and Pakistani intelligence had received a tip that a suspected al-Qaeda operative would be traveling to Mardan disguised as a burqa-clad woman. Because any plainclothesmen seen grabbing a woman would attract a hostile mob, the commandos had donned female garb and accosted the suspect as his motorcycle crossed a graveyard. When the fugitive fled through a wheatfield, the commandos shed their burqas and flip-flops and gave chase, eventually cornering him in a house a mile away. After police tossed in tear gas, the suspect, clutching his cell phone, surrendered without a fight.

Dressing up as women so they can terrorize, maim and murder women and children. These people are subhuman and derserving of absolutely none of the protections that a civilized society has to offer.

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