Monday, May 23, 2005

N.Y. Times writer protested at event, then wrote about it

It's official, the NYT has lost it's colllective mind. It's not enough that the journalist they have writing for them are biased to the left with few exceptions. The Times now allows actual agenda driven participants to spew their leftist propaganda under the guise of journalism.

The New York Times has admitted it ran an article by a freelance reporter who covered a demonstration in which she participated.

The May 6 story described a protest at Princeton University against the proposal by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist – a Princeton graduate and board member – to bar filibusters on judicial nominees.

The Times said it "does not ordinarily allow its writers to cover events in which they have taken part, and the paper's staff and contributors are not permitted to join rallies or demonstrations on divisive issues. The writer says she was unaware of these policies."

Does not ordinarily???? A newspaper worth their ink should NEVER EVER EVER even consider doing this let alone actually do it. These arrogant self absorbed idiots don't even realize how profoundly ridiculous this concept actually is. Why not allow a politicians campaign manager to report on his bosses campaign. I guess they figure what is lost in objectivity is gained in first hand experience. (heavy sarc).

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