Wednesday, May 18, 2005

PepsiCo Thinks We Re All Idiots

If you haven't had your intelligence insulted in awhile, read this:

I recently had the privilege of speaking to the 2005 graduating class of Columbia University’s Business School in New York City.

Recognizing that these talented new leaders will influence both America and the world, I tried to provide some advice as they embark on their careers.

I chose to speak about the powerful role that America, and we as Americans, hold in the world today. I hoped to encourage these graduates to be sure they make a positive and personal difference as representatives of our great country.

In my comments, I used the analogy of a human hand to illustrate that people in countries around the globe need to join together to make the world work in harmony – just as all the fingers of a hand work together. It is an illustration that I learned when I was a student, and that I have shared with others on many different occasions.

As part of this illustration, I assigned five of the world’s continents to the different fingers and thumb. I refer to North America and particularly the U.S. as the middle finger because it is the longest and anchors every function the hand performs. The middle finger also is key to all the fingers working together effectively. That is how I view America’s place of importance in the world.

The point of my analogy was to emphasize America’s leadership position. Equally critical is the need for each of us as citizens to take a constructive role in whatever we choose to do in life to ensure the U.S. continues as the world’s “helping hand.”

Is this b!tc& for real. Just how naive and gullible does she think the American people are? She meant that North America and in particular the US was flipping off the rest of the world . She said it and she meant it at the time no doubt, but to come up with this lame and incredulous CYA explanation is the height of hubris.

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