Thursday, May 12, 2005

Investigators Find Evidence of Voter Fraud

DUH, did AP just wake of from 4 month nap. They make it sound as though evidence of this is just coming to light. We have known all along about Wisconsin and in particular Milwaukee fraud, the only thing unclear was to what degree.

A task force looking into potential voter fraud on Election Day said Tuesday that it found more than 200 felons voted illegally and more than 100 instances of people voting twice or using fake names and addresses.

The investigators found hundreds of fraudulent votes in all and counted 4,600 more ballots than registered voters in Milwaukee — but did not uncover any proof of a plot to alter the outcome of the hotly contested presidential race in Wisconsin's largest city. They also found ballots cast using the names of dead people.

Figure for every case of vote fraud identified, ten more occurred. The governor doesn't want to sign the voter ID bill because it would put a stop to the lions share of this crap, what a jerk.

Update: Kim at Musing Minds alerts us that the article incorrectly states 4600 more votes than registered voters. It should state 4600 more more votes than people who signed the vote register.

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