Sunday, May 15, 2005

'Martyrs' In Iraq Mostly Saudis

In what can be called anything but a surprise, WAPO reports that almost 2/3 rds of the suicide bombers in Iraq are from Saudi Arabia.

Who are the suicide bombers of Iraq? By the radicals' account, they are an internationalist brigade of Arabs, with the largest share in the online lists from Saudi Arabia and a significant minority from other countries on Iraq's borders, such as Syria and Kuwait. The roster of the dead on just one extremist Web site reviewed by The Washington Post runs to nearly 250 names, ranging from a 13-year-old Syrian boy said to have died fighting the Americans in Fallujah to the reigning kung fu champion of Jordan, who sneaked off to wage war by telling his family he was going to a tournament.

Saudi's make up the lions share of these murderous SOBs but esveral other country's are supplying them as well. Very few if any of the suicide bombers are native Iraqis....imagine that.

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