Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Kerry's Unending Campaign

This guy has not stopped campaigning for 3 years. The only time he's in the Senate anymore is when the cameras are rolling.

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry roamed the stage in Baton Rouge, Louisiana's state capitol, raging about the failures of Washington. All that was missing was an attack upon Mr. Kerry by the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth to transport us back to the summer of 2004. But it is the spring of 2005, and the Bay State Democrat is either still fighting the lost presidential battle of 2004 or beginning his presidential campaign for 2008. Whichever is the case is irrelevant -- it is time for Mr. Kerry to abandon the campaign trail.

Massachusetts voters have a right to feel neglected these days. Governor Mitt Romney makes Massachusetts jokes and pushes a hopeless death penalty proposal, his gaze focused on the Republican presidential race on the distant horizon. Mr. Kerry remains locked in campaign mode, like some "Twilight Zone" politician doomed to run for office forever.

Too bad Massachusetts is in lockstep with the Democrat party lest they vote his absentia butt out of office.

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