Wednesday, May 04, 2005

One of the Good Ones

Not every actor/actress in Hollywood is a delusional, self preoccupied, superficial, naive knothead as evidenced by the refreshing clear minded sincerity of Patricia Heaton.

PALMDALE - While "Everybody Loves Raymond" character Debra Barone will live on in television reruns, a generous gift from actress Patricia Heaton will live on in the lives of babies born to Antelope Valley women who were considering having abortions.

Heaton, who has won two Emmy awards for her role in the hit sitcom, was honored Tuesday for donating a $25,000 high-tech ultrasound machine to the AV Pregnancy Counseling Center, which was renamed Women's Clinic of the Antelope Valley.

Ultrasound machines offer pregnant women a detailed view of their unborn children, even at only a couple of months along, and have helped convince many women leaning toward abortion to change their minds, center director Marc Boileau said.

Heaton is a conservative minded soft spoken class act. She has been very generous with both her time and money to both charity and her pet conservative causes. Most are unaware of her contributions because she goes about her work quietly rather than seeking the fanfare and adulation of the press so many in Looniewood crave.

A smart compassionate women wrapped up in one helluva an attractive package. Hmmm, I think I'll remember that line next time Mrs. Traderrob has me sleeping on the couch.

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