Thursday, May 05, 2005

Another Successful Dirtbag Roundup

BAGHDAD (Army News Service, May 3, 2005) – The Iraqi Army, police and U.S. Soldiers apprehended 84 suspected terrorists in 19 different combat operations conducted in and around Baghdad May 1 and 2.

The largest operation netted 40 terror suspects during raids carried out early in the morning May 2. Thirteen more suspected terrorists were captured in four other missions conducted Monday morning.

“The Iraqi Security Forces continued improvement and steady progress is to be applauded,” said Lt. Col. Clifford Kent, a Task Force Baghdad spokesperson. “More and more the Iraqi Army and Iraqi police forces are taking the fight to the terrorists and they’re succeeding in stopping them.”In southeast Baghdad, residents of the Salman Pak neighborhood turned a weapons cache in to the Iraqi police. The Iraqi citizens gave the police 24 rockets, one improvised rocket launcher, 10 hand grenades and small arms ammunition.

Despite the MSMs preocupation with the negative, these are all very encouraging signs.

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