Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Google says NO to Conservative Ads!

RightMarch says Google won't publish their conservative ad.

Now, it turns out the people running the big search engines are liberally biased, too -- and they're CENSORING conservative search ad results!

But it's also an advertising vehicle -- you can pay Google money, and they'll put your short ad on the right-hand side of the page of search results, based on what people are searching for.

Well, we saw that if you typed in "Tom DeLay", all of the ads were ANTI-DeLay ads. So, we took the time and spent the money so that our PRO-DeLay ad would show up too -- first.

But then we wanted to also put up an ad that exposed the hypocrisy of the Democrats -- basically, showing how the Democrats are going after Congressman DeLay for things that they've done MUCH WORSE in. So, we copied one of the ads posted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee almost WORD FOR WORD, but changed "Tom DeLay" (the GOP leader) to "Nancy Pelosi" (the Democrat leader, who violated ethics rules much worse than what DeLay is accused of).

That's all we did -- we took the LIBERAL ad, and changed the words to make it a CONSERVATIVE ad.
And Google CENSORED our ad.

There have been several conservative bloggers who have recently complained of less than fair treatment by Google. Rusty at Jawa Report to name one got booted for what he called no legitimate reason. If they continue to discriminate they are most definately opening themselves up to some major league scrutiny

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