Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What do These People Expect?

Alrighty then, you stage an inappropriate play and then your suprised that inappropriate behavior results. Sometimes the naivete of these people is incomprehensible. Desensitize one to vulgarity and for that person it becomes difficult to distinguish that which is vulgar anymore. Approve of vulgarity under the guise of art and you are complicit in it's promotion.

Two Winona Senior High School students, Carrie Rethlefsen and Emily Nixon, have found themselves in hot water with school officials. Why? Because after Carrie attended a performance of the play "The Vagina Monologues" last month, they wore buttons to school that read: "I [heart] My Vagina."

"We can't really find out what is inappropriate about it," Rethlefsen said of the button she wears to raise awareness about women's issues. "I don't think banning things like that is appropriate."

How long before a guy comes walking into class with a " I [heart] her vagina." The short sighted myopic imbecility of the school administration in their choice to present this play to high schoolers defies rationale. Well, they have a problem now, one of their own creation. I wish them a lot of luck dealing with it.

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