Saturday, April 16, 2005

Gay bishop backs Planned Parenthood

Any clear thinking person would most certainly consider the career choice of Gene Robinson way beyond idiotic. A practicing gay, pro-abortion " religious leader" to guide us heathens to the kindom of the Lord. This man not only privately believes that which we know to be contrary to biblical teachings, he flaunts those beliefs for all to see. The very definition of an oxymoron.

Planned Parenthood should target "people of faith" to promote abortion rights and comprehensive sex education, the Episcopal Church's first openly homosexual bishop told a gathering in the District yesterday.

"Our defense against religious people has to be a religious defense. ... We must use people of faith to counter the faith-based arguments against us," he said.

If this wasn't actually happening in front of my very eyes, I would have to believe the whole thing was just parody. Something concocted by the geniuses over at Scrappleface or the Onion. But it's not parody it's real, incredibly irrational, but real. Either I woke up in the Twighlight Zone or the Episcopalean leadership have lost their collective minds.

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