Friday, April 29, 2005

Osama's Death "Greatly Exaggerated"

There have been intermittent rumlors floating around for the last couple of days concerning the death Of Osama bin Laden. Most of us were highly skeptical, and it appears rightly so.

An Islamist website has inadvertently triggered rumours that Osama bin Laden is dead.The article about the al Qaeda leader carried a headline suggesting the Saudi fugitive had died.It prompted flutters on the financial markets and triggered rumours on internet sites of bin Laden's demise.

However, closer reading of the article revealed that the author was simply suggesting the 9/11 architect could die at any time and Muslims should be prepared for his death.

Yasser al-Siri, an Egyptian dissident who ran the Islamic Observation Centre in Britain and who is considered close to al Qaeda, told the Al Sharq al Awsat newspaper that bin Laden is alive.

Diplomats in Pakistan also said it was unlikely the world's most wanted man would have died without them hearing.

Oh well, even close to death works for me.

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