Monday, November 14, 2005

Stolen Iranian laptop displayed as evidence of nuclear program: report

More evidence supporting what most of us already know.....

WASHINGTON (AFP) Nov 13, 2005US intelligence officials have shown leaders of the International Atomic Energy Agency a stolen Iranian laptop computer containing nuclear designs as proof the country is secretly pursuing a nuclear weapons program, The New York Times reported on its website Saturday.

The newspaper said that during the demonstration, which took place in Vienna in mid-July, officials displayed selections from more than a thousand pages of Iranian computer simulations and accounts of experiments, saying they showed a long effort to design a nuclear warhead.

The Americans acknowledged that the documents do not prove that Iran has an atomic bomb, the report said.

But they presented them as the strongest evidence yet that the country is trying to develop a compact warhead to fit atop its Shahab missile, which can reach Israel and other countries in the Middle East.

In related news, Top Democrat leadership stated "we need a full congressional inquiry to determine who stole this laptop and what role the Bush administration played".

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