Sunday, November 06, 2005

No More Mr. Nice Guy?

Look for the White House to come out swinging in the coming weeks. My sources are telling me they plan to go on offense on several fronts to counteract the recent vitriol being spewed by the left. In the meantime, please consider this.....

When reading the biased polls from Ipsos. CBS and Wapo about the President's current job approval ratings remember the following:

IT'S THE PERSONAL APPROVAL RATING THAT COUNTS! [Never confuse job approval ratings with 'popularity' ratings!] "While the President's job approval is upside down by net 10 points, the PERSONAL APPROVAL of George W Bush is still running 2 to 1 net positive. Whether voters approve or disapprove of the way George W Bush is handling his job as President, they were asked what their impression was of him as a person. Sixty-one percent (61%) of voters approve of President Bush personally, while thirty-one percent (31%) disapprove of him. There is also positive intensity to voters' response to this question. Forty-three percent (43%) of voters "strongly" approve of the president personally, while only twenty-four percent (24%) "strongly" disapprove of the President on a personal level. IT IS THIS LIKEABILITY FACTOR OF GEORGE W BUSH THAT PROVIDES THE PRESIDENT AND REPUBLICANS WITH A ROADMAP TO REBUILD THEIR SUPPORT AMONG THE AMERICAN ELECTORATE. Ed Goeas Torrance Battleground Poll 2006 10/25/05

IT'S IMPORTANT TO HAVE HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE: --According to Gallup, the President's lowest JA rating to date was 39% (it's currently at 41% re the Gallup Poll). Presidential Lows: 35% Reagan 29% Bush 41 37% Clinton 39% Bush 43 --According to Gallup, the President earned the HIGHEST JA rating ever recorded, ''90%'' in 2001. Clinton's highest: 73%; Reagan's highest: 65%.

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