Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Christmas Wish List

I wish Saddam was still in power. I wish he was still stealing millions from his people through the Oil-for-Food program.

I wish he was still firing on American & British jets enforcing the No-Fly Zone. I wish he was still torturing those who spoke against him

I wish his thugs were still raping Iraqi women and children

I wish there were news stories coming out every day, criticizing Bush for "ignoring the threat of Saddam in a post 9/11 world."

I wish the Iraq Kurds were treated as second-class citizens in their own country, instead of running TV commercials thanking us for their freedom.

I wish we were living our lives still wondering if Saddam was going to provide weapons to terrorists so they could use them against us.

I wish we would leave now, so Saddam could regain power and 2,000 American lives could be wasted after fighting a war those same Americans believed in.

I wish we would leave now, so our brave troops can be denied the victory they deserve; so those 2,000 will have died in vain. I will be able to use those numbers forever to fight my political battles, which are most important to me.

I wish the Middle East and the Islamic world would stay the same, without democracy, without rights for women, and continue to intensify their hatred for the West.

I wish these things because I despise George W. Bush and those like him more than I love my country.

I wish these things because I would rather use the war on Islamofacism for political gain than for the unification of my country, even after 3,000 innocent Americans died in one single day.

I wish all these things because my political cause is more important than the success of our president, our troops, and our country.

I wish all these things because I am a Liberal.

Thanx to rightinthemiddle

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