Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Scarborough No More

I just saw on Scarborough the most pathetic excuse for a legitimate discussion of Bush and the situation in Iraq that I have seen in a long time. It was so shallow, inaccurate, sophomoric and ill informed as to be offensive.The people involved consisted of Scarborough, Kelly Ann Conway, David Frum and Lawrence (creepy liar) O'Donnell.

Scarborough is a self aggrandizing RINO punk who throws out fantasy concoctions as fact far better than many on the left. David Frum is nothing more than a bitter ex-speechwriter who uses any forum available to bash administration policies, O'Donnel is an animated albeit spooky echo chamber of the Democrat talking points du jour' and Kelly Ann Conway is right minded enough but lacks the intellectual prowess and communication skills to articulate a position in anything close to a credible way.

Scarborough has obviously become a willing advocate of the the EMs campaign of orchestrated disinformation. He states that the President is at 30% approval and that 58% of the American people want are troops out out Iraq RIGHT NOW. Both assertions are totally bogus and if he doesn't know it he sure as hell ought to. And then you have Conway and Frum grinning like a couple of self satisfied surrender monkees letting Scarborough spew this nonsense virtually without challenge. I'ts complicity by aquiescence and it's far too common in roundtable discussions, especially on MSNBC.

Considering all the idiots involved I would have to say I repect O'Donnel the most. At least with him it's pure, honest moonbattery. Scarborough, Frum and Conway have no such excuse. Their behavior is more insidious. Whether it be settling old scores as in Frum's case or intellectual laziness as with Conway their opinions are less than worthless. They are positioned by Scarborough (who has obviously been hanging with David Gregory way to much) as informed voices from the conservative vantage. They are no more a representative of the informed right than Tucker Carlson is the intellectual equal of Charles Krauthammer.

Scarborough was pretty OK untill about a year ago when he left because of back problems. He started to go downhill shortly after his return and, as of now. has become completely unwatchable. I am usually proud to state that I watch this crap so you don't have to. I'm sorry, no more. If you want to know what Scarborough Country has to offer, you're just going to have to watch it yourself because I just plain can't stomach it again.

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