Monday, November 07, 2005

Muslim group warns on anti-terror laws (Great Britain)

Sounds like a threat to me.....

The government’s anti-terror legislation risks fueling community tensions similar to those that provoked violence in France, the Islamic Human Rights Commission has warned.

“What may happen here, as in France, is a sense of growing alienation of Muslims that feels excluded from mainstream society and that could be very dangerous,” Massoud Shadjareh, the commission’s chairman, told the FT.

In recent weeks, Muslim organisations, including the Muslim Council of Britain and the Muslim Association of Britain, have raised concerns about the new terror laws.
But the critique of the government’s anti-terror strategy, published on Monday by the commission, challenged attempts by the prime minister to play down the concerns.

......the report suggests that the hardening of the political language used by Mr Blair in August, and the government’s drafting of new terror laws, is setting back hopes of building a political consensus, and weakening the desire of Muslims to integrate into Britain’s multicultural society.

Do what we say and no one get's hurt, see.

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