Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sign up for civil job: Chirac to rioters

Socialism on parade.

AFTER 18 nights of mob rioting, French President Jacques Chirac delivered his first formal televised address to the nation, admitting that the republic is in the grip of a "serious malaise" and a "crisis of identity".

Flanked by the French and EU flags, Mr Chirac gave a US-style presidential speech amid widespread consternation at his relative silence during the worst case of civil unrest in a generation.

Calling on "sons and daughters of the republic" to remain true to their national values, he lamented the "poison" of racial discrimination and admonished irresponsible parents for failing to keep their children in line.

Under the President's plan to revitalise the maligned suburbs and create more opportunities for young French people of migrant backgrounds, 50,000 civil service training jobs will be created.

Classic liberal solution........put underachievers on the payroll. Just another government sponsored and funded welfare program.

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