Friday, November 04, 2005

French gov't powerless as worsening riots spread from Paris

Paris is Burning Part Trois

What do decades of idle submission and spineless obeisance under the guise of tolerance reap?

PARIS (AFP) - Gangs of youths again stoned police and set cars ablaze as France's worst rioting in more than a decade raged for its eighth straight night, sparking fears that racial and social divisions were fuelling growing violence.

They have also taken on an increasingly dangerous tone, with buckshot fired at riot squad vans -- and prosecutors revealing that a handicapped woman was deliberately set on fire the night before.

According to prosecutors Friday, the 56-year-old woman was unable to get off a bus targeted by a Molotov cocktail late Wednesday in the northern Paris suburb of Sevran. She was allegedly doused with petrol by one youth, then others threw a flaming rag on her. Rescued by the driver, she was taken to hospital with severe burns to 20 percent of her body.

A fireman was also being treated for burns to his face received from a Molotov cocktail thrown earlier in the week.

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