Saturday, November 19, 2005

Democrats: No Conviction No Courage

Perhaps the most telling thing during last nights House vote to immediately remove troops from Iraq was toward the end of the debates. Sam Johnson from Texas was nearing the end of an impassioned speech when he ran short of time and requested 3 additional minutes to finish. The Chair asked the assembly if there were any objections and a half dozen or so yells of NO were heard from the left side of the aisle. The Chair then requested those who dissented to stand and be formally recognized......none did.

What could have been a more crystal clear illustration of what the Democrats truly represent. It's about trying to garner political advantage by altering perceptions rather than improving the reality. With the left it's sound and fury that is completely devoid of substance. The Democrats have become a party of sound bytes and plattitudes. Nothing more than an advertising agency representing a product that is both obsolete and overpriced. Their only marketing plan is to make their product look more attractive by denigrating the competition.

But in order to have true conviction one must be "FOR" something. The left is for little but against everything the GOP is for. Against the war, vehemently against Bush, against the Patriot Act, against aggressive interrogation of terrorists, against tax cuts, against ANWAR, the list is endless. With conviction comes courage, without it cowardice prevails. The left displayed yesterday that they are completely lacking the former. Murtha didn't even have the stones to vote in favor of a resolution that he soapboxed just 24 hours before.

The Democrats did prove one thing yesterday......snake oil salesman whether they are ringing your doorbell or sitting in the House chamber promise everything and deliver nothing. My only hope is that the American people were watching.

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