Sunday, November 27, 2005

Nation Of Islam Furious With Police

Jooooos in blackface?

Nov. 26 - KGO - The members of the Muslim Group Nation of Islam are furious at the Oakland police department for what they say is racial profiling. They spoke out Saturday after hearing the way police describe a dozen men who vandalized two liquor stores in Oakland.

Minister Tony Muhammad, Nation of Islam: "That is racial, as well as religious profiling at its' worst."

Members of leader Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam are outraged. They say Oakland police jumped to conclusions when watching surveillance video showing 12 men in suits and ties walking into a liquor store in West Oakland and trashing it. It is one of two stores hit just minutes apart, the men smashing refrigerators and liquor bottles, telling store employees they shouldn't be selling alcohol to African-Americans.

Police confirmed the men who vandalized the stores are black Muslims and say it's a matter of time before they're identified.

Or maybe they're just well dressed Methodists.

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