Friday, June 17, 2005

What Americans Really Think

As usual Polipundit is on top of public opinion concerning the Democrat talking points of the day. Here's their wrap....

According to a new Fox News Poll, President Bush has a 48%-43% approval-dsapproval rating.
He has a 52%-42% favorable-unfavorable rating. This is roughly equal to Hillary Clinton’s 52%-37% favorable-unfavorable rating. It is way above Howard Dean’s 23%-41% favorable-unfavorable rating.

The Iraq War and Terrorism are at the forefront of the issues of most concern to Americans. It is yet to be seen whether Republicans can convert these issues into electoral gains as was the case in 2002 and 2004.

On the Supreme Court issue, Americans, by a 54%-43% are comfortable with the idea of President Bush nominating someone. In other words, if the Democrats continue to push the judicial issue, it is to their disadvantage.

On the Guantanamo issue, Americans believe that the conditions at the prison meet acceptable standards by 43%-33%. By 59%-12%, Americans believe that the conditions in Guantanamo are better than those at prisons in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Finally, my Democratic friends, Americans don’t want Guantanamo closed by 59%-22% margin.

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