Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Former Iraq Hostage Says Captors Gave her Rings and Perfume

And from the "Isn't That Special" file.....

Former hostage Florence Aubenas says her captors gave her gifts of two rings and a bottle of perfume when they released her at the weekend after more than five months of captivity in Iraq.

She told her newspaper, Liberation, that one of her guards said, “We have prepared some presents for you” just before she was freed on Saturday. “They gave me two rings and a bottle of perfume.”

Her captors also returned her handbag, which still contained her identity papers and money, and served her tea and roast chicken, she said.

Heartwarming indeed. Just goes to show that even brutal murdering terrorists scumbags can bullsh!^ the press.

BTW, Grundgy Islamofascists who haven't seen a bathtub in months think the French stink too.

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