Friday, June 03, 2005

Vote fraud trial halted after puzzling testimony

Appears that strong arm tactics are alive and well in the St Louis Democrat machine.

The judge in the federal vote fraud trial of five East St. Louis Democrats sent the jury home early on Friday as lawyers puzzled over how to handle testimony from an FBI informer that was patently false.

Under cross examination, prosecution witness Dannita Youngblood repeatedly claimed that she was not interviewed by a federal prosecutor and an FBI agent a few weeks prior to trial, despite voluminous documents and reports to the contrary.

Youngblood has testified during the past two days about vote buying in East St. Louis that she claims was directed or observed by the five defendants, including the city's Democrat Party chairman Charles Powell Jr. and Youngblood's former boss at City Hall, Kelvin Ellis.

Pulling a Frankie Pantangeli.

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