Monday, June 20, 2005

Media Blackout as Cheney Blasts Durbin

One thing you gotta love about Cheney, he calls em as he sees em.......

Vice President Dick Cheney became the highest-ranking Bush administration official yet to castigate Sen. Dick Durbin on Friday for comparing of U.S. troops to Nazis. And Cheney words were, by far, the harshest yet uttered against the top Democrat by any senior elected Republican.

But so far, at least, mainstream reporters have steadfastly ignored Cheney's remarks - perhaps because they know that the VP's reaction rachets the story up to Defcon 3 level, and covering it would make it impossible for Democrats to continue their silence.

In an interview Friday with WWTN Nashville radio host Steve Gill, Cheney said he was so angry he had to watch his language while discussing Durbin's comments, calling the outburst "one of the more egregious things I'd ever heard uttered on the floor of the United States Senate."

The vice president even went so far as to suggest that Durbin was unfit for his office, saying the Illinois Democrat's remarks were "so far over the top that I'm just appalled that anybody who serves in the United States Senate would even think those thoughts."

Atta boy Dick, shine the light on the traitorous SOB.

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