Monday, June 13, 2005

Cops: Teen Killed Dad for Eating Last Sno-Ball

This sort of thing scares the crap outta me. What's going on in our society that we turn out this kind of brutal, egocentric monster who puts more value on a snack food then the life of his parents.

Authorities say a disagreement over a frozen snack led a McComb teenager to fatally shoot his father and threaten his mother. Curtis McCray Jr., 16, was arrested and charged with murder last week after allegedly shooting Curtis McCray Sr. with a shotgun from about 20 feet away, the Pike County Sheriff's Department said.

Investigator David Haywood said the shooting occurred after the teen was punished for being involved in a minor wreck, and the boy became enraged when his parents returned home eating Sno-Balls and there wasn't one for him.

The teen then allegedly threatened his mother, Gloria, with the gun before speeding away in the family's car and leading authorities on a one-hour high-speed chase through three counties, Haygood said.

BTW for the record, a Snow-Ball is not a "frozen snack", it's a cream filled chocolate cupcake thingy covered in Marshmellow and Coconut.

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